They have listened!

finally the flags and possibly the kites are back yay


Probably only because they messed up by putting Roxie in that $10 offer the other day but would be nice if they went back to the old rotation


Stoked! Now please let’s have the red kites up!!!?


I’m confused, what did they list?


A lot of players requested so much for return of kites roadmap and for some reason Scopes listened and brought back.

Definitely not grinding for Roxie and don’t think she even worth the effort and all the resources to level that two crap toons necessary to trade for her. But if some people are happy with this I’m good :smiley:


Also, just played the first level of the roadmap and I feel very great with my current power. I remember this roadmap used to be very painful for me on my S8 times, but now I just won on T1 with the S toons. So good!!

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I whent to say listened it’s early in the morning where I am

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Or maybe they forgot to change it to another p2w roadmap and its running from old schedule.

I need red kites

I need blue kites

None in WoC region…

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you only get flags from that map

needed 1 kite for months and months

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Why are people interested to get Roxie now I don’t understand?


Sheer collection value. And she was in that latest offer box with doc or cam scarr or Mia I can’t remember exactly

Go get your useless toon that literally nobody uses. I’m so pleased that people begged for this useless map and are so happy that Scopely listens to the dumb requests and not the good requests

I need green kites

Useless or not, Axel, Michonne and Roxie should still be able to be collected, they’re in the museum, not like toons hidden behind an rng wheel.

Much like other maps a weekly or bi weekly Flag/kite map should be available, as much as they’re no use to me, players should be able to get them

How to put this? Your comment reveals a lot about you yourself, and not those you consider dumb.

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Who said anything about anyone being called dumb. I said the request was dumb. Also you thinking this is something we needed over the gear issues the medals needed the food and trainer shortages caused by these Sclass shows you don’t really pay attention to what’s going on in the game