They exact same CRW regions as last time?

What kinda of sad and pathetic stuff is this?? Are the coders still off on vacation? Eating pancakes?? Here lets give them the EXACT same crw matches as last time, maybe they won’t notice… Each and every single day this game falls further and further into the abyss. It actually makes me believe that their agenda is too get as many people as possible to quit. That way they aren’t forced too offer as many people refunds, when they’re forced to close the game down because its no longer profitable or not enough people are left playing to have grounds to sue them.

You cant even get the most basic of things done properly…


Yeah for Crenshaw/Chilton/Albert this is the same exact matchup as last time with the exception of Colbert being thrown in. Pretty disappointed in it tbh

Clearly they don’t want to pay coders to work, here lets give them carbon copies from last time or add a team or two to the already existing coding structure because its easier. Flipping monkeys could do a better job then these sad cases.

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@Brian_Mcleod Best way to get them to refund (aside from the obvious way through google/apple) is everyone continues playing, dont spend, endure this storm of bad rewards and force about changes to better the game which the players want before spending again, because they’ll be incurring running costs daily.

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Yea i was gonna quit but now i am gonna ride this disaster train straight into hell. Then when that happens, i am gonna hold my hand out and say give me my money back. Thanks!!

Followed by giving them sound advice, stay away from mobile games entirely, you don’ have the slightest clue how to run one, you cant even get customer service right,never mind a massive mobile game.

almost all tournaments in the past few months have had the EXACT same prizes…

Fucking pathetic…

I used to be cool with giving scopely money…
Now fuck it… not a damn dollar…

i’m actually just feeling super disapointed every new tournament.

GG terrible prizes, worse then ever.