They dropped the ball


They really messed up by boosting team ratings im not a s7 when i wad just an s4++ now i have to raid ppl that clearly has a better team just burned thru 40 cans and not 1 win like come on scopely wth


You burned 40 cans?


lol yeah right


Isn’t it just showing the team grades including mods now? It’s not actually different from before.


It has boosted us from s2++ to s4++ and, even though our player roster is full, it keeps throwing us out to the loading screen. Also had a notification for rewards from lvl up tournament but upon claiming, it was empty. Had to press claim button as was only way to move forward. Am confused & feel swindled out of our rewards. I’ve checked everywhere in my inventory in case the rewards appeared. No. ???


40 cans? And didn’t win one? OK


Time to quit dude. Or are you faceing all those players that DID get 12 pulls from the wheel for $36,-?


You know it’s only hours into leagues right you could have used that on raid event and got something for it


Maybe your team isn’t set up right way I was beating s5 and up that times with a s3 team


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