They are up at something

So Scopley promised that they will refresh the wheels right?..But will they refresh it to the better?
Me and my faction mates came to a good theory…
All the trash characters that are made recently like…
Looks like a pattern…And they could just put characters like that on the 5 star wheel and say that its changed…This can’t happen.
Player Counsel…Do your F’ing job


I hope Hina gets put in a wheel!!! Won’t trigger Payback and has hemorrhage! Yes please!

And who knows who they will pick. Could just be a bunch of cheerleaders

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Isnt that guy wanderer in it or something…

Players Council doesn’t exist yet, unfortunately. There are lot’s of things that may be done, but until they are it’s all just speculation. Hina on the wheel wouldn’t be bad imo - she would give a lot of players an option at a bleed team which would be useful for beating a lot of top notch teams tbh. Romonov has no business on the wheel and no idea what the thought process was on Jessie. Generation 2 toons should definitely be on the 5* wheel at this point especially with S toons and now veterans coming soon

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Jessie isn’t bad

I actually think any new toon that doesn’t get a spotlight, will show up on a wheel, sooner rather then later. Any toon that gets its own thread by scopely upon release will be added when the toon is no longer relevant

She’s worse. Even as a f2p toon she wouldn’t find a place on most teama

This is another thing scopely does, release a pretty underwhelming promo toon to. milk what they can off some poor or dumb sod. Before sticking it in a war wheel or token wheel so it looks like they " care" enough about the player base to offer them a chance at a free promo.
It’s all another devious scopely tactic.
Yellow Kai anyone? Lol

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