These wars without towers suck

The no tower crowd is a considerable number of players. I almost wonder if the towers should be something ridiculous that doesn’t have an impact on combat. Tower A grants double assault tickets or tower C rewards a box of gloves/shirts.


Yes, they messed the towers. Working as intended :dancer:

That’s basically what they often boil down to. A Pinata for war cans and tidbits you hit while waiting for attack cooldowns

Sometimes they give a useful boost too

I like that idea…

The main point of towers (except when they are really OP) is to give you something to do if you can’t hit the camps (whether because of cooldown or power disparity), to keep you in the war screen.

As soon as it comes to end of the siege, I often find myself wandering through roadmaps, SR, raids and the like and then miss the jump on the next war (not that my faction would miss me much, my manual warring brings way less points than they can do with most of our players)…

I 100% agree. Towers are an essential part of war. Please return towers.

The more I think about it the more I really latch onto the idea of them being pinatas to pass time between attacks. Even if they were just a walker and human mix that reset when finished. Just give you something to grind on while your timers cooldown

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I like no towers.
And if there are towers, most of the time, top factions get them so…

How bout for people that don’t like towers then don’t take them. They don’t hurt anything. And the ones that want them, take them. Case closed. The people saying no towers are the ones who like to stalemate wars with defense defends…how boring :sleeping: :zzz: gotta have an ace in the hole to have a chance at those op def. certainly can’t rely on rng to pair up even matches every time.


This totally same teams, Trader it’s so boring for me

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You make a good point, I still like no towers but agree for many they really do help

No Towers is the best… No hiding behind gimmicks.

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If they are gonna have no towers they should also remove the 20 percent defense bonus from the generals … lets us fight heads up with zero bonuses


No hiding behind gimmicks? Tf? You mean no warring the way war was originally intended? Let me guess u have a trader and count your defends as war clock ticks by and ur mates camps are all in fire :fire: lmao compensating for something else perhaps ?

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And if you can’t add in towers, you can stop pinning rank 40 factions against top 5 ranked factions. Not much fun when the choices are either and automatic loss, or 5 minutes in a battle against an opponent because luck was on your side to win it.

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I have liked these wars, getting more battles and more fun, no towers make it more balanced, and the 15 second repair is good as you can just have a few in your team but still score points.

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