These wars without towers suck

Having strongholds gives people who aren’t super OP a chance to level the playing field a little bit. Those experimental wars with the different towers were great, particularly the burn war, that was the most fun I’ve had with the game in a long time. These stronghold free wars suck, really not worth the time. They’re just raids against people out of your region.

Bring back the towers.


Having to fight trader teams suck too.

Can he be nerfed finally and how bout we start making it impossible to use duplicates on the same team. That would be great.


It’s actually easier for me

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I like OP towers or no towers. Plus faulty Towers. But blah towers just slows down milestone point scoring while everyone rushes walkers and really makes wars suckyother than being able to farm war cans wheb battles are wrapping up and cooldown is a thing

Edit: fire towers were OP. Nothing else has really compared

I like no towers


I think they broke the towers


Probably, last war :))

I couldn’t take a tower off a whale fac to save my life, so I actually like it better

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Agreed. Resilience is a stupidly OP specialist skill. Worst part about trader hands down


There are no arguments in faction about who’s not taking towers or not stacking the good tower. That’s nice.

I don’t mind no tower war, I like to just attack and get on with it. But they do add something different to make war something other than fancy looking raids.

speack for your self man I love no towers

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Isn’t this the third no tower war in a row? Surely theres a reason for it.

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I like no towers. Its the way forward.
#saynototowers :sweat_smile:


I like no towers. After a few hours warring, it makes the grind simpler and less of a hassle- u dont need to trouble urself with taking towers, and u can just concentrate on attacking the enemy camps.

Plus it takes away some rng, which most people seem to hate. U fail or succeed based purely on ur strength.


Towers are and always have been an integral part of war. Not having them is lazy by Scopely and probably an attempt to starve people of war cans since the most active people can farm them from towers consistently.


While RNG is always the elephant in the room, this war I feel like I got plenty of can drops for just making hits.

I guess I don’t really care if towers are around, the bleed towers and fire tower was a laugh, old towers didn’t really matter much.

I’m tired of fighting the same teams over and over. Trader is super lame and virtually everywhere. Doesn’t matter what toons come out, everyone still just runs princess, Mercer, Priya, aarav, or traders.


A good resume of the last wars

Really? I’ve never had so many war refills. The event missions and final milestone gives plenty. Drops aren’t what the used to be but i never used to rely on towers to keep me topped up.

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Nope, they are excellent like never was without boring towers.

There was some surveys here on forum and a lot of people requested no towers. So, Scopely just gave what most people asked for.

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