These Ticket Prices are a joke right?


So faction assault just went live. In the beta the cost to start an assault was relatively low, which is understandable seeing as it’s beta testing. But really??? 1350 tokens max per day per player? If all players in a faction hit that cap that only gets 40,500 tokens. To start tier one assault it’s 125k tokens… So that’s three days of farming to do the easiest assault??? Doesn’t sound right to me… I’ll let you guys figure out the rest of the maths with the other tiers.

Are you serious?

Looks okay to me and I despise “them”


That was my first thought when I saw this, that it was high until it was live for everyone.


Ummm. You can do survival road every single day. :confused:


Nahh. Different scenario. This is OPEN already.

All it takes is about a week or so to try the last tier. Seems legit.

This is permanent, people want to complete shit in a day, that’s their issue.

No issues with this at all


It can be a totally different event and still available daily. again :confused:


The problem is it shouldn’t take that long to farm to unlock the first tier. Tier 4 or 5 yeah I would get that, but for something like tier 1 it should never take that long to farm


I had hope for faction assault

I hope you guys are kidding. 125000 for tier 1 boss, 245000 for tier 5. Now answer my questions. How are we gonna get that many tickets and how do we get legendary Tara, it’s gonna take months if not years. You failed again, not surprised honestly


You gotta earn it kid.


Don’t prejudge it, it’s a constant feature, you have 29 faction mates hopefully, if they didn’t put a max cap on tickets it’s fine price as it seems to me! Also it may change soon


If you want to speed up the process, I’m sure Scopely has an offer in the shop for you


Do you think it will pop up every time I try to do anything in game though?? if not I might miss it!!


It’s the ticket cap that annoys me the most. If the cap was higher or there was no cap at all it would be better, but oh well just gotta wait


Did people really expect to earn a 6* in like a few weeks? Lol…


Wait, you mean they aren’t giving us a free epic to start faction assault with? Waaaaahhhhhhhhh
We have to actually play to get tickets? Waaaaahhhhhhhhhh
What else was I going to say? Can’t remember. Waaahhhhhhhh


Lol I don’t know, Scopely wouldn’t dare spam their players with awful offers.


If you read my second comment I said I understand if it took a while to unlock tier 4 or 5. Tier 5 is the only one you can get the rewards to unlock 6* Tara…


Lol people are so quick to judge before reading everything


My comment was actually more for Tiredness, but it’s a comment for others with unrealistic standards too.


Lol I read everything, hence the proper response.