These restarts are really starting to piss me off

I’ve done 4 10 pulls, and the game keeps restarting every god damn time making it impossible to see what I’ve received.



This game is buggier than a maggot infested corpse.


Unrelated, why 4 tens instead of one fourty?

I feel like ten packs give me more luck.

Can’t argue, I pulled Dr Stephens on a ten, but Aiko took two fourties… Then got released f2p in under a month …

I only seem to keep pulling regular epics which is kinda annoying.
But it’s alright, a majority of these coins are from those crates.

That’s still really good luck. So it’s a win-free coin 5s. Way better then the norm all 4s

I usually only pull if the lower rarity ascendable characters are good enough. I did the Dr Stephens ten pull to get 300 broken bats, the result left me speechless

Yeah that’s a good way to look at it.

That’s what mine was doing for months.

One of these times, it’s going to restart and never let you back in.

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