These regions transfers are just traps to EVENTUALLY push everyone into the same region

So Ive been playing for 4 yearsm since Aug 2015, I’ve had a fair bit of experience with the game and its many uses of impulse buying/gam - bling aspects and been a part of both

Back at the end of last year/start of this year region transfers opened up for many players/factions to move around.

This lead to many factions lower down the pecking order moving to see if they could have more success in different areas … most people left once they found the grass was most definitely not greener on the other side. some returned but the mechanics of the game in one of my regions had radically changed for the worse.

This lead to the bigger players/factions wanting to leave before the region possibly dying out and being a ghostown

in the end i decided to move to a region where a big percentage of my faction had already moved to, it was nice to be in an active region again pushing the fight and actually finding it tougher to get into war queues.

That said, World of champions was announced and brought a more cunning way to move players into a temporary region to return at a later date … this would serve up as the next plan of scopelys …

next was the TOC event, which made players move into already established regions where factions have had a steady flux of players and massively changed their gaming experience … whilst also showing that TOC was a major failure in terms of events

later regions was once again opened for teams to move around … at a cost which is scopelys new thinkery on it all

Now they have devised a new plan of waves in regions so you can only move in certain regions and then be locked within that regions wave.

Now as a player who spends or at least has in the past spent big, i will admit once i moved regions after a few months i wanted to move back to my original region just for the players i had known for 3+ years. This was hampered by region transfers happening during times when stash and collections were happening, i was already 20+ pulls into a stash that started maybe a day or two before region jumping was announced for a limited time, this meant i would have to either stay or swallow up the money i had already forked out for stash items and reset it all to 0 once again. This was a very unfair and quite frankly evil way of financially blackmailing players who support your game by getting headstarts on events such as stash.

With that said, during WOC you had a table on the forums that calculated factions who scored well during the event, not just TOC/WOC regions but everyone who didnt participate in the event.

you then took ranks/scores from those regions from the first event and applied it to the main regions ranking overall, whereas the next event saw multiple factions leave and weaken regions …

So now many players, myself included are left in a wave 1A region by no choice themselves and having to participate in an event OR pay 1000 coins (about £10) to move to another region strictly WAVE 1 to not be amassed by super whales.

All in all, this just generates more sales for keys with the final outcome that everyone eventually jumps into wave 1 regions and finally have the 1 merged region you have always wanted just so the super whales can fight it out in an ego boosted trip for weak prizes


keys cost me $25 now with fucken areans its hard stay top 5 without me smashing war for 18 hours on first day

An antidote for any RTS frustration will be conveniently soon available in the giftshop.

whats the rng percentage chance of attaining the antidote

i thought they were 1000 coins each

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they are $16 for 700 coins then 330 for $8 dollar roos

Depends on quarter revenue targets.

However, Spencer was pretty clear, itll likely require several refreshes to chase.

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Never moved region, think that will be the end if they make me move wave 1b, it’s sad what they have done to you all in wave 1☹️

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problem was it was never a choice, making a temp region/(s) to do it would have been better

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Our whole faction moved, back when transfers first opened up. We all wanted to get out of a toxic region. It was really bad. Also, like you said, we all hoped the grass was greener on the other side. Well we did manage to leave most the d bags behind and was also a good way to get rid of many of the moochers in our faction, as they did not transfer with us. As you might expect, the grass was not all that greener.

Truth is, as far as I can tell, every region has it’s d bags, super whale factions, territory walker-ers (those that love to make territory map white and never place defense). It is almost like good regions create a vacuum that attracts those smucks. If the region goes very long without em, some will move in.

Region transfers, if managed properly, should revolutionise the game. Keep competition going and have fairer regions with like playing against like.

The whole debacle isn’t being managed properly though. There’s no clear vision of what scopely want, no clear benefit to players moving up the waves and not enough information to know if you’re picking somewhere good or not. It’s also far too complicated.

This is just qualifier, then will be WOC, after WOC only 1-2-3

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