These pop ups have to stop

Dear scopley,

Constant territory pop ups and ads during war are a solid no.

Yours sincerely, literally every person who has ever played the game or will in the future.


2nd that


It’s gotten ridiculous, i set my phone down to get ready for work, ( yes i do have a job, and dont sit on my a$$ all day playing this game. Sorry Scopely😊) and when i come back i’m bombarded by offers of buy this, buy that, and oh you lost this, this, and yes even this tty. It has gotten to the point of insanity that when i finish a battle i have another one telling me to buy a toon. I don’t care if you have Hunter, Jesus, Sawyer, Tom, Dick, Harry, Zoe, Jack, and Jane for sale. I know where the store is. I have to go there every single night to collect 1 damned snowball to try and complete a museum collection for a toon that will be outclassed and worthless in the next six months. So stop the popups, pull your heads together fix what is already wrong in your game before releasing another toon. I think your player base would like the bugs worked out before getting anther toon, i know i would.



Pretty much, my friend.

Yes pls!!! So tired of logging in and having to wait like 5mins for the stupid territory notifications to stop. Worst part is if I even touch the screen while they’re popping up the stupid POS game crashes and restarts and then all the notifications start popping up all over again 🤦


I turned them off and they still pop up.Leave me alone :weary:

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Sell sell sell must get the money back for survivors club fail

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