These layered collection events are getting out of hand

Honestly… this Halloween event.

So we need to raid to grind the gas, to run the zone, to get the items, to complete the collection, to earn tokens, to pull on a wheel for a chance of other tokens, to save up enough to pull for a 7% chance at a useable character reward.

Stop the insanity !!!


It is like the never ending grind!!

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Dude this grind marathon has me considering tapping out.

We have been grinding for months, and I for one am slowly but surely draining my resource stockpile. The other day I noticed I was out on Night vision Goggles of all things.

I am sorry but I cant grind through the entire Elite rare gear roadmap 1x with zero opportunities to rerun any of it for a week, Not to mention how time consuming everything has become.

They want to make it a pay to win game , fine.
But it’s pretty freaking close to a pay to play period game as it stands.
I play every day for the past 842 days straight. And I cant keep up anymore.
I missed one or 2 roadmaps on Dwight a few months back, and missed out on him.

Now I just missed out on the most recent ones for the free shane(and others) that everyone wants so badly.

And now this.

I submit Scopely you win.

the game is not longer playable by folks other than people with deep bank accounts to pay to bypass the grind. and the grind is too time consuming by all but folks with the most laid back of jobs, and zero family life,

I don’t even work myself and I don’t have time to grind all the stuff we now have to do.

this is a problem.


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