These ever drop past 7.7


Anyone actually get a shirt or glove drop after 7.7


You can see where they drop by clicking on stages. But the answer is no.


The screen shot I posted is items found on that stage. Says the same thing all the way up to stage 23.


Yeah but they don’t drop higher than 7.7. If you look at the shirts/gloves stages.

Probably just scopely not caring enough to change the images on each stage.


I’ve noticed that, all stages imply they drop gloves when you view the “items available from this stage” but in reality, they don’t


HMmm this must be new right? Didn’t gloves officially used to stop at stage 10 or so?

I farm 9,4 when I am out of faction drop leaders. I use my single drop lead, and I think it still turns all those gloves and shirts into bandanas and rain boots.