# These constant level ups!


I’m out of words to describe the utter agony I feel when I spot another level up is up. I do not like not competing in events and I need the rewards but these constant levels ups one after the other is really taking its toll. In the pic above you’ll see levels ups for that short period were held 24, 26, 30 January, 1, 5, 7 and now on the 9th as well. Is there no pause to the madness? Why is level up thrown at us so casually and frequently? Is it because when scopely hits a blank first thing to come to mind is level up while we get out crap together? What ever happened to territory tournaments? What about collections where you have to raid to obtain pieces? I feel you’re doing 1 thing right and then doing two things wrong immediately. Yes the death doubloons and Bruce maps are great but why can’t you keep improving instead of this constant back and forth. Of there’s anyone one here that’s going to tell me they like these level ups I kdksmvje kkdkdlslcjdkc ldkdjxjdl kdsjxkflsjxjdkcls dksjckslc. Smh.


I don’t like war/CRW; they should have them once every few months(or maybe never) rather than every 2 weeks.


Could not agree more. Sadly the only thing to do is accept the loss on the rewards and sit them out. It’s been 9 days with 1 single ygl in there. Shortest timer is 3 days. Getting tired of all the bs that goes around them. Some always have it some never. It makes no sense to not have it always in the queue with the normal cooldown timer. Please remove the wood only missions.

I have said it before and I will say it again leveling up your characters is not game play. Leveling up toons you never plan on using just for points is not only a waste of time but its a waste of resources. We need something more to do than just an endless barrage of level ups.

Case in point the two blitz wars we just had were totally refreshing and we need to see more things like this to break it up. One and only one level up per week. Make them a faction event as that’s what most people seem to want here.


I know I’m that guy always saying how better it is but truth is, if it was Raid, War, or TR, I could kiss Vincent goodbye. Level up is all about focusing on epics and legendaries so everyone who’s got YGL has a shot at a good ranking. Until I get one legendary and my rank is S2++ at best, anything involving fucking up anybody else’s shit is not my forte. Especially, if I’m raiding solo.


You don’t have to compete in every one, only during events like these do i even debate alright top 200/100 each time. Otherwise pick n choose your battles.


That’s why it needs to be available all the time so everyone has a fighting chance. I go weeks and weeks without ever seeing it. I just about had to manually do every single one when I was going for Dwight. I literally had only 2 ygl’s during the entire event. Sure it was just bad rng but I know others have the same problem as me and others in my faction have it all day every day. Eliminate the rng on ygl’s or I can honestly say I will never take part in another level up prizes be damned.


I guess you’re right. Previous one had dreadful rewards. It’s just you’re hoping for something new and cool and then you see the same old same old. When these type of collections come along they dictate the whole month where war and all other torments focus solely on supplying you with the required pieces and it’s not fun at all getting minimal rewards for hard work. That’s why I said the collections where you have to raid etc and get random drops made more sense to me


The TWD wiki said something about those who complete the Gold mission associated with the same level YGL is on have a shorter cool down than those who didn’t complete it. Something along those lines. The cooldown for me is about 12 hours. Another thing you need to know is that the missions don’t always show up so you have to take on missions and abort them to get it to show up. Sometimes, it’s ready to go by then.

And I would love to have more collection events like Pick Your Side. If the AOW one had a rerun or if the option came back, I would gladly and unhesitatingly sacrifice my toons for the 5*s.


I also get YGL frequently. I think it’s because I abort a lot of missions. I seldom do anything above 2h. Lately I found that if I skip the breakdown and other prestige missions other ones like YGL and new moon fever comes up more


Before they changed it if you never did a gold mission you pretty much always had it from the way I understand it. I always did the gold missions and I still used to have it most of the time.

Since the update and having already completed every single gold mission before that I find they are almost never in the queue. I have stupid 10-25 day missions in cooldown clogging my queue. With half of the queue bogged down like that all the time there is no room for the ygl to appear. And when a new one finally appears its always one for just wood. Abort that and it goes right into a 1-25 day cooldown again. Can’t catch a break here.

Trust me I took the podium before the updates and before the point bonus. I know how to do it I am just refusing to out of sheer boredom. Level ups stink but they make Scopely money so I know they are not going anywhere. I will just sit them out. Really don’t care any more. Everything is all rng anyway. I wouldn’t get the 1 item I need out of 4. That’s they way it always works out.

I am sticking to war, survival road, and raid events. They can keep the level ups.


If I hear you say lvl up one more time…:joy::joy::joy:


Consider yourself lucky. Pun intended. I abort all the bs and it still refuses to show up for weeks at a time. There are other people out there just like me getting screwed over by rng and there are people out there like you who are unaffected by it. Glad someone isn’t getting screwed all the time.


But I didn’t say LU…


YOU don’t have to…we already know. Lol


Only Scopely can make people unhappy with an overabundance of SLUTs.


It really sucks when you’re on a mission with a useful bonus or reward.




TBH since I don’t do pulls cause of the crap they give out trying to get a 5☆, I’m about out of 5☆ toons to level up since we have had all these level ups.