There's an armory bug

The new armory is great but I filtered all my weak weapons to disassemble and selected first 100. I scrolled to the end of the items selected and halfway through I spotted some good weapons about to go poof.

To explain better what happened was out of the 100 selected…the beginning was weak weapons,in the middle was hiding good weapons and at the end it had weak weapons again.

Be careful when dealing with the armory who knows what you got rid of

Lock all the weapons you want to keep

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Wouldn’t call that a bug. I’d call that human error.

Could you be more specific? “Weak and good weapons” doesn’t really tell us if it is a bug or not.
What was your filter setting? And which weapons did armory actually selected?
Did you selected only 1-3* and there was some 4* weapons in between them for example?

It was filtered by weakest attack to strongest attack and it had mixed results in it

Before dissembling you need to make sure you’re putting a checkmark in one star weapons and then as you disassemble them move up to 2 * then when they’re gone move up to three star I wouldn’t be just disassembling the first 100 that doesn’t make sense

this screenshot is filtered lowest to highest

Can you screenshot exactly what your filter is, please?

What you show in the screenshot looks exactly right when filtered from lowest +atk to highest +atk. These ones in the beginning have 0 +atk on them.

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I see, if lowest attack > highest attack was your only filter setting then it works as it should. Those 4* weapons on the screenshot doesn’t have any attack stat on them, so its logical that a 2* with 20% attack would be further.
You need to select 1-2* first in the filter settings to avoid this.

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this is the filter I have on it. You can see in the background it’s crap weapons. Then if I scroll thru it’s all mixed up

I have had an issue with stats not correctly showing on weapons but thats it so far

Right. The filter is doing exactly what you told it to do. It will show you all your 1* weapons with 0 extra attack, then all your 2* weapons with 0 extra attack, then all your 3* weapons with 0 extra attack, then all your 4* weapons with 0 extra attack…then after all the weapons with 0 extra attack are shown, it will show you all your 1* weapons with +10 extra attack, all your 2* weapons with +10 extra attack, etc.

A VERY good weapon can have 0 extra attack on it (Stun gun with +35 def and +35 HP, for example). Lock weapons you want to keep. Fix your filter.


Which filter does power score?

I disassemble weapons by the score of the weapon

Nm I see it

That is still risk af. Just filter by 1 star, then 2 star then 3 star.

When you get onto your 4 star, I suspect you have little enough that doing it manually is more sensible.


Same happened to me the other day, filtered by rarity, lost some really good weapons that way because 4* were among 1* and 2* mixed in

Still no possiblity of blowtorches from disassembling 5 star weapons like the description under blowtorches says.

Others explained already, but it’s not a bug, you just messed up.

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