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First time I’ve ever tagged you in a post @JB.Scopely - Territories constant crashing and loss of energy which some people pay for is at a level of complete unacceptability.

For the people that buy territory energy (and for even those that don’t), there needs to be some sort of resolution or acknowledgement that it’s a known problem or it is at least being looked at.

It’s equivalent to buying a 6 pack of beer from the store, returning home only to find two bottles are empty. Anyone in this circumstance would return to the store immediately and ask for either another six pack or their money back.

Within the realms of this game, there is absolutely no avenue to request either of those things. The frustration of disjointed gameplay aside, the monetary loss is bordering on unethical and really needs to be escalated as a matter of urgency.

For your consideration.



It’s been like this for over a year and the only thing we got was JB telling us it’s our devices that are the problem and not the game but they are looking into a solution.

So soon? :rofl:


Saying it’s our devices is a way of telling everyone they are not fixing anything without actually saying it to keep you using the most broken aspect of the game. It’s been broke since put into beta and nothing changed when it went live regardless of the fact beta brought all these same issues up in testing. It seemed that they use beta only to see if features will run with out completely breaking the game or not. Like mods did when they went live they broke war so they shut it down till they fixed it enough for War to run. Territories as broken as they are don’t effect War Level Up’s or raids enough to prevent them from running so nothing to fix. Now linking League’s to territories it’s become a real problem but will Scopley do anything to solve the problem or simply stick to the B.S. it’s your device that’s the problem. If everyone has the same problem Scopley it can’t be every single players device now can it.


Posts are repeated over and over because they don’t listen to the players


Not just territories, but lots of crashing during the last raid event also. Same symptom as territories , when you go to attack, game either freezes or restarts, causing loss of energy, toon energy in territories, and rep in raids.


You may be right.

If that were true and it is associated to devices, it is still no excuse. They’ve made territories a major component of the game (more so now with the launch of Leagues).

This bug needs to be looked at and fix so territories can run on ANY device.




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