There will be more CRW because


There is always more Coining in CRW.

So there will be more CRW i guess :slight_smile:

Enjoy those war can offers! coz we can’t get enough war cans from drop!

Keep on spending!


Can’t wait to see spenders spending for the infamous 5 star tokens everyone loves.


And then they will make posts about all the duplicates they pull :roll_eyes:


And scopely employees will comment about the posts they make about the dupes they pull :slight_smile:


People spend much more to pull new OP toon or speed up weapon craft vs CRW imo.


Scopley employees are allowed on this forum? How many are on here? One? Maybe two?


Needs more A.O.W.


I’m not a top faction, nor a heavy spender so I don’t mind epic tokens.
Better than those ass-tier victory tokens, of which I never got a single pull.


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