There must be a mistake / depot prize of ulysses

why is he so expensive?

Price is about right for a rainbow skill trainer for 6 stars

А рядом Лилит за 3000

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liliths drop all the time cost>demand

Good he is on sale

Little steep, but have to remember he’s a prize too. Doesn’t look good if they offer a 10k SD item for a tourney

But you can have Lilith for 3k, (or 2100 in my case) Ulysses isnt 6x the value of Lilith

Shes only cheap aden works aswell if he dint she would be up in 20k area

Ulysess is up for rewards just as much as Lilith, Aden may do the same job but no way is Uylesses worth that much more. its a cock up plain and simple

Active Skill Trainer are rare in comparision to Rush Trainer so I guess it fits.

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They are not rare at all. I’ve been using them as burt’s I’ve got so many

Same here

so rare that we have trait trainers to complement ulyses… ive got 124 of him + trevors, frances, alycens and the 4th strong gal…

Back in the day I had it exactly vice versa.

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