There is no solo survival road next week

Goodbye Knox if you never finished Elite in the first Faction Survival Road. I was hoping that they would give another faction survival road so we could recover, they did but at the expense of the solo gloves…

You get to do the most uninspiring, unexciting Yawnslaught!! Weeee :neutral_face::neutral_face:

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Don’t worry you can purchase plenty of gloves from the store :ok_hand:

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Onslaught is another way of saying faction league demotion. Especially during the week…


Omg, no Knox… Cruel world… Why?! The most OP toon ever in the game!
I mean look at that bleed damage!!
Awesome sauce!

Here’s an idea to take to the team @JB.Scopely instead of removing SR for Yawnslaught why not remove one of the multitude of level ups we constantly have instead?

I agree :grin::grinning:

Aren’t there two weeks left to claim Knox, plenty of opportunities yet. We only need 2 more survival road events in the next two weeks to claim him.

the people in the thread are worried about the newer players who dont have the coins/cans to complete elite the first time we had sr the event started, im sure if you complete every milestone every sr we have you can get knox, but the weaker newer players or those who didnt have cans or the 700+coins to buy the sr can offer that day wont be getting him.

sadly its another event like blue dwight, way they spaced the events there is 0 room for error, better start saving league coins for a “chance” at gloves from offers if you wish to get knox after not completing elite in a 19-24hour sr

There’s a possibility they would provide mittens some other way. No one gonna spend for any of those toons so they gonna be surprised if they think people will pay to get some mittens for a toon tons of people got pulling on those rts tokens. Lol besides the tokens you get when completing not anything big youre missing

Im free player and always complete sr without cans. Its a struggle to stay up all day and watch energy refill. Basically I check energy every hr and complete a stage.

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You can’t finish a 24 hours Sr with no cans. 5 levels × 25stages= 125. 24hrs with 2 hours taken to refill energy plus 8 you start with. You fall short. However u could get the mittens. But one shouldn’t need to wake up every 2 hours to use energy for these toons. Lol

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Its not for the toons, its to stay on top of the league board. :grin:

Well you said you always complete it as a free player I was just pointing out its not possible if it’s 24hrs or less to do without a can :slight_smile:

I meant the two day one. Hehe