The YGL Mission suggestion

Patch the game and make the YGL a daily mission.
This mission is needed more then ever with S-class being the main thing now.
Just make it so people can use it more.


They don’t know how


yeah it’s so ------- broken. fix it to make it an even playing field


Amen to that brother. @GR.Scopely

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It’s already a daily mission, 12 hours to run, 12 hours cool down if you don’t coin. Once a day.

Sure, although it seems to show up about once a week as it appears that there is some combination of other missions which must be met before it will appear-even on cooldown.

I’ve occasionally had it show up while still on cooldown from a previous use, and times when it takes more than a week to appear. I think that the poster was suggesting having it show up EVERY DAY without needing the per-requisites.


I don’t think there are any pre-requisites, and those are just superstition. Shows up less often the more gold missions you do after Silence is Golden; shows up more if you time the running and expiration of other missions to maximize your chances. I haven’t had it gone for more than two hours in weeks, after I figured out the correct timing.

Please explain more. I get it like 2 times in a row and then won’t see it for 2-5 days.

Check out this post:

The most important thing is the number of gold missions you have completed. If you did all of them, you will probably always experience some droughts, though I’m pretty sure the correct strategy will still smooth things out.

The principles of this, as I understand them, are explsined in that post. It’s not directly actionable, but you can use them to guide your decisions about when to start, collect, and cancel a particular mission, and it should improve the rate at which YGL appears for you.

I just got my Priya to T4 thanks to all the gear I finally got. Then I ran her back to back 3 times in a row and got her to 97 for my S class shards.

It was back again this afternoon for me.

I don’t know about all of that since I have also tested it in that way.Just wondering what every ones prestige levels are and how much it shows up for you?
Mine is 12 and I do get it quite a bit.

I’m only 9 and I almost always get it constantly

This was brought up so many times in the past. The players who only completed gold mission level 10 have a huge advantage over those who completed all 20. Yet they just ignore it.


Doin ygls on sclass doesnt give you as much points in lvl events. So they should fix that as well. I can get more points using 30 trainers on a t4 6* then i do putting an s class alone over night in a ygl.

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And no matter how many times people let others know that they can’t fix it, people still act as though it isn’t broken or needing a fix.

The Dev team has said multiple times in the past that training camps are in the original coding. They have built to many new layers above it that if they change things it breaks the game.

So if you want ygl to show up more and already played the game the way it was designed doing all the missions, you need to start fresh and not do\play the missions past a certain point.

That’s True and good point.

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