The worst character in the game

very bad


Fast rush and stun?

Definitely not the worst.


if it is not in the top 3

Blue Abe


Not as bad as Harlan.


harlan’s defense down active paired with a gov or bryan rush=goodnight koa or the new william

edit- vincent gets my vote

Duane has that too, and Duane is free. Harlan cost money or luck in the wheels.

*lack of luck in the wheels. FTFY

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Yea I just got beta from level up rewards even though I wasn’t planning on getting him. Think I’ll just use him as fodder.

Vincent is a better red Eugene though…Also, Vincent has a great lead and AR that could take down multiple Blues.

It’s Harlan always will be Harlan he’s worse then 5* gator

Id say blue Abe and fast Negan

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Anyone try using him against reds to feed AP to the rest of the team?

50% is a lot.

Pair that with a revive or two and you might have something

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Yellow Barker. Do I need to say more?


I use yellow barker on sr sometimes.
Vincent is utterly devoid of use.

I tried him in a ranged team with a stun sword, got a few defends. Kill him and trigger ty or erika, leave him and he stuns you. Long time ago tho, not sure it’d work now

It’s us, we the players are the worst in the game


Vincent ain’t a bad tower lead can be annoying when people try to clear tower with blue team on auto

For your viewing pleasure, i present. The worst 6 star in the game

How do i justify this pick? Oh let me count the ways.

His attack is a puny 1500 but he’s overloaded with worthless HP. 200% damage and a slow/ average AR is not enough to kill anyone but is enough to set off their AR, and even his one redeeming quality, -60% attack to 3 enemies isnt enough to stop his weak ass from dying. No leaderskill. Active skill, recover confuse, not that useful considering confused toons usually attack before you have a chance to use an active skill. Special skill, evasion, great for a roon with revive (violet) or a better AR (literally anyone) but all this does is allow him to be a punching bag to charge your enemies AR with little fear of repercussion. At least his weapon isnt locked, so you can give him a stun gun. But wtf for? Depot him or toss him in a tower or even use him to up the rush of another toon. He’s worthless


Many say Harlan is the worst, but I’d agree with that Rick choice, I’d argue he’s worse than Harlan, and maybe he can compete for #1 worst with Winter Richard.

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