The weapon parts roadmap is nearly useless


Farming through it once does net 2 PKs and 2 Tapes, however it is deathly inefficient to try to farm stages for extra tapes and kits.

As is, for the 3 runs you can make every can, it is pretty unlikely to get a tape or kit. It is much more efficient to use double drop leads on the various world map stages(12.1, 12.3, 13,5 and so on) to get 4* weapons and break them down. Chances are you’ll get more 4* weapons than you do tapes or kits, and these weapons are more likely to drop tape/kit than that roadmap.

After 3 cans on the weapons part map i did get 1 extra PK, however for 2 cans on the world map i got over 600k worth of food in gear, 3 4* weapons, about 100k more exp, and a couple 3* characters. After breaking down the weapons i netted 2 duct tape and other various weapon parts.

Run through the weapon parts map once, but dont farm it. Farm the world map for a better experience. Save those world cans for events with 6* toons and gear.


World map will now be nerfed.


Agreed, I get more damn elite item tokens through replaying it than actual parts. And haven’t gotten any tape/kit drops at all this time through 3 regions


I usually don’t get kit/tape drops, but this time I did get one in Act 1-1 with double Rosas.

Not bragging, just confirming they haven’t been removed or replaced by bags…yet.


Yeah. I got PKit this time around too, still incredibly rare :slight_smile:


Yeah and how many of those 4* weapons give you pks and dts? I agree the drops are bad but still do way better than farming wold maps.