The way the supply depot should look /w poll



Since it’s apparently far too complex to add a slider function to the supply depot why not just do this?

Why require so many clicks to purchase food? Just take away two of the existing slots and add extra food options as shown in the example above.

Also at this stage do we really have to limit the gear available in here? Even for new players restricting this is pointless.

So let’s all take a second to vote and show them if the community would like this change to be included in the next wave of quality of life changes.

  • Yes, please change the quantity of food available in a single purchase.
  • No, it’s fine as is. I enjoy all the extra tapping.

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Hey @Narcissae I said extra tapping not fapping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


better to put 1 mil instead of the 10k :wink:


I would say 100k, 250k, 500k, and 1 million but that was extra work and I wasted enough time already. It wasn’t meant to be exact but to get the point across that it’s ludicrous to have to click dozens of times and it shouldn’t take any effort on their part to implement something similar to this.


If it’s not going to derail can I ask if that was a joke or someone actually said that would be complicated? You can literally grab and jiggle the area with the items as if there was a slider so I don’t understand how the extra step would be a huge deal.

Maybe what I just said is exactly the point you were making. lol.


Who the heck needs 10k. Good idea. Too bad they can’t come up with these solutions on their own.


Oh you meant a slider to adjust the quantity. Like when you buy a crate in the shop for coins. I was thinking a slider (or scroll wheel) to reveal additional boxes to the right, so that existing items didn’t have to be overridden. I was a bit slow. My bad.


It was meant as a joke and a dig because why this hasn’t been done yet makes no sense because it’s obviously something the community wants. Then again a slider is not how the depot functions so it could be harder to add a slider than one might think. However, I do see no difficulty and very little time required to just change a few slots to increased food amounts.

We need for them to make this happen. Followed shortly after by removing the annoying territory popups.

Yep. You got it. NP.


Well suggested.

The one thing with a slider, is that it should pay cognisance to the maximum AND current food capacity (assuming the slide allows any food value from 0 up to something big). Such a pain in the arse selling gear for food and accidentally blowing well past the maximum food capacity and having to start again.


Also sell all 1* weapons in 1 click… And 2* weapons. Also open all basic rewards from premier recruits, is a pain after war to open 10 by 10. Hehe, game is so not up to needs.


We need to also promote getting the main depot to ALWAYS have refills, even include war and survival and territories refills

nothing worse paying good money for refreshes and getting 3-5* toons instead of refills, stops me playing the game for days on end


for the new players that have a capacity of 20k max food. that is who needs it.


Ah, I misread it D:


No thanks, never, ever.


So (in my opinion) would be convenient:


This is exactly what I feel too!

If you notice that the button click is exactly over the refresh for 200 coin. I actually have accidentally pressed that three times over several months when I am half asleep and just trying to get millions of food for a LU. Scopely with their dark design. Such an unethical company.

If they replaced how we purchase food from the supply Depot, we wouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes clicking and wasting our time


The fact that this still hasn’t been addressed is a huge fuck you


I agree.


Why not make ten slots for each one as supply depot has become useless because I rarely get energy and we also need gps and canteens from some where else why not faction assult and maybe add flares to it aswell as a large amount of people are probably in desperate need of them


Fun facts about some of the people who voted no. They enjoy spending time at the dentist, they refuse to help the elderly cross the street, and they never give a penny but have no issues taking one even when they don’t need it.

Not surprisingly they also like doing repetitive tasks over and over when there is an obviously much easier way. :smirk: