The Walking Dead: The Final Season Events, characters and Rewards idea

There are new characters that have appeared in The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2 and Episode 3 that I feel would be good additions to the game. Here are some of them:

AJ (has a revolver, so he could fit as an Alert character)
Lilly (uses a rifle, so she could be classed as Tough)
Abel (uses a sawed off shotgun, so he could be classed as Tough)
Minerva (uses a crossbow, so she can be put in as a Tough character)

Another idea I had is to hold a login event, where logging in for a number of days rewards you with the option to select and keep one character from the current roster of The Final Season characters such as Clementine, Louis, Marlon, Violet

I know this is practically begging, but it would be a good gesture to active players who take time out of their days to invest in the game.
What are your thoughts people? :slight_smile:


Hm… With ttg going out of business I wonder what licensing agreement would be required, or does this become available to use? Someone must own the rights to the ttg specific characters…

I’ve heard skybound but idk not into all the who owns what lol…I’d say right now any event that gives a useful toon, that’s not behind a pay wall would be awesome.
A region event would be cool since we have crw…each region has abilities to work towards certain characters thru killing walkers, certain road maps, drops from raids, war drops…so many things they can do…but will they is the answer and the likely answer is no.
I love this game and I’ve gone up and down on my feelings towards it. I like getting new toons and I like making teams. And it’s come a long way since the start of game. I think if they don’t give f2p something to work with soon its going to be harder and harder to keep factions full. There can still be premiers that make money but also close the gap some that’s been slowly widening.


They did this. It was boring. Even if it had been a 5s, it was not an engaging event.

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There is actually more availability to toons than there has ever been. League store, month events, etc.

I think everyone gets carried away with their expectation and think that it should be easy to compete. But that’s never been the model. It’s always been extremely difficult to compete if you don’t have premiers.

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Only 99% of my ideas are 100% awesome. I didn’t mind this event kinda brought the region together. I think they missed opurtunities to make it better and more engaging.

I agree with that as stated earlier I do not miss the days of waiting months for 1 pull. I think f2p needs some new attack toons to combat this meta. My smaller account is totally f2p definitely have way more toons then I ever did at the same level.
1 good toon can sometimes make all the difference in the world. I don’t think disarms should just be handed out but I’ve been using 1 so long I forgot how frustrating it can be without one. Playing from a f2p account and my regular I can see.things from both views.

It seems all rights have shifted to being owned by Skybound publishing (the publishers on the TTGs and RTS) and by extension Skybound Games (the new studio made for developing, comprised largely of former TellTale staff). Since all of the comic and TellTale properties are under the Skybound umbrella (as opposed to, say, the TV show having ownership by AMC) there shouldn’t be any licensing conflicts. It’d be Skybound licensing to itself if copyright is held by the publishers or one Skybound studio licensing to another Skybound studio if it’s held by the developers.

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Very informative thanks. So good chance they can have special toons.

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James could make a nice toon too even if he is a pacifist weenie. Give him a rush with heavy camouflage.
Honestly they haven’t even fully used the potential of the characters already done. We could have a stong Louis wielding Chairles, a fast Violet with her cleaver, tough Marlon wielding his bow, tough Clementine with Marlon’s bow, or even a strong solo Rosie. Come on Scopes, I know you love your bound weapons. You know you want to. :smirk:

Plus double dipping on the events for season 4 could be a nice reminder to people that it wasn’t canceled like was expected and widely falsely reported soon after the TellTale shutdown news.

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The Louis having a gun and Violet having a bat as a default weapon bothers me


Also 6 star Lee should be strong not tough

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Not going to lie, I actually once thought of that, but it completely left my train of thought when making this discussion. James would be an awesome addition, but he would more or less be another Gator, but you never know :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking make that telltale special edition Lilly ascendable as we already have a Lilly.

If it where to be a collection the items could be school books

Another character they could add is asimm with his bow or James but I would know how he would work as he is against killing maybe a human shield or healer would work or fit his character.

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I am still waiting for a 6* AJ… with a milk bottle weapon.


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Too OP, we need a level playing field, anyone who had him would just destroy the competition

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Yeah, maybe, that does sound good.
I would love it if all of the characters made it into the game Chef Omar would be the ultimate healer. Aasim would be a cool addition as a ranged character I think.
As for James, if he were to be brought in, I can imagine him being quite similar to Gator, giving camouflage, but they could make him into a medic too?

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