The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a Plutocracy

Now, “what is a Plutocracy?” You ask; well, it is a society ruled by the wealthy, and this is what’s happening right now. I get that someone needs to pay the fees but if the ‘whales’ spending makes the game unbalanced to the point where there is no incentive for the ‘free to play players’ to play anymore, that is a problem. That problem is what us players have been trying to get the company to fix for years now. Maybe sometimes it is good to sprinkle a little communism into your game to keep it competitive for all players alike. #StopPluto #Bucketgate #PU


Oof… Your comment want that bad

Lol OP just used some words and you all got triggered hard, we cant discuss it here cause scopely will trip but if you would like to line me and discuss politics that would be fun being as that is my major and i like to talk about it but capitalism is evil and soon places like China will find out what it really is. I’m not saying communism is good either as it isnt really communism as theirs always someone at the top collecting all the money, food, etc. While others go hungry and poor. …similar to rts? I say yes lol

What OP is saying is we need an even game with balance, this whole appealing to the 1% and trying to make them spend more and more is whats killing the game. Apply this to real life and it makes sense also.


China is litteraly the opisite of capititilisum
There just something else
It’s easier to just leave the world to itself
Everyone wants ya as a pawn
I just want to fix cars and that’s all I care about lol

China is social capitalism, speak to the people and they will tell you. I was actually shocked when i found this out as i was brainwashed by the media about it before speaking to my Chinese friends. And no, i dont think leaving the world to itself is a good idea, so much suffering going on and if one has the power to change something, stop something, protect, etc i feel its their responsibility. I’ll have to find it but i think it was something like that and was said in one of the spider man movies

You only just found out that about media they’ve been doing that for ages lol also I’m pretty sure I can’t change the world I can barely keep myself from fimg up yeah it’s probably best if I just died because then my body becomes nutrients for the earth
Not tryna make this thread depressing for so I’ll just ekotoplasm out

Wait a minute, you say capitalism is bad but you’re a business owner? I was not triggered at all by the way I just find it funny that people tell us we need to sprinkle a little communism in our game. Go back to my original point…

the game has been this way since the beginning, for many years now. whatever we say, it stays this way lol

rts is unabashedly a p2w game. and so far people still stay and play anyway.

i dont expect scopely to change in any substantial way… they always need to crank out powerful in-game advantages to sell to people. so after all these years, just simply ask urself if u still like to play this game the way it is, or stop. its laughable how some naively still think rts will change after all these years of their complaints, mistakes, and dissatisfaction on the part of some players.

there are lots of other games that will fit different expectations and types of players.

Plutocracy.A greek word.Really bad on practice or on paper…communism is a million times better

I live in China. It has a hell of a lot of capitalist tendancies and values. There are 3 Starbucks within a 5-6 minute walk of me for example.

Greek words are everywhere. And the majority of languages are based in Greek. And even communism is Greek if you want to know :wink:
Greek is everywhere so you’d better learn more words with a deep meaning.

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“Όταν Ο άνθρωπος κάνει σχέδιο Ο Θεός ο Kenny Γελά”-Σοκρατης

What exactly you want to say? Cause this looks like a google translate? It has many errors :confused:

No ive know for a long time i was just poking fun at everyones China scare like everyones Russian scare, people believe what they are told instead of doing their own research

Ni hao :wave: ni zi zuo shenme?

The entire system is bad and backwords and yes thats coming from someone who participates in capitalism, i have to make money, money is needed to survive. I also never wanted to work for anyone, like a 9 to 5. Doesnt mean the system isnt evil or backwords or messed up, etc. And i dont have the answer so no, i have nothing to propose, if i did i would but its eat or be eaten in this world and im gonna eat

That is a politicians answer LOL. I understand where you’re coming from and I am the opposite I love it. I work for somebody else for 20 years before I bought my first storage facility. I would hate for somebody to come and take my company away or tell me that what I work so hard for I have to give a larger portion to somebody else.

Well thats prob cause political science is my major lololol

No doubt, they would have to kill me. I’m not gonna work while someone sits and they get the same as me.

Looks like we agree on something more pertinent then game economics.

And by the way the capitalist that pay their people much lower wages to get more product is not cool. The people who manage my properties which I have 12 of make extremely good wages. Out of 12 properties 10 of them have living quarters so they get that for free as well.

Just want to point out before people start thinking I’m an evil greedy business owner.