The Walking Dead Road to Survival banned in Russia


how can you help the Russians get around this lock to play all our favorite game???


When did this happen?


A blitzkrieg on russians?


out last week


rather, the cry of the soul!!!


Are you sure? We have Russians in our faction and they can play just fine still


They probably use nox player with a vpn in another country or something then, if the topic starter tells the truth or if what’s been told to him is true

Edit: or its the russian players who hack, so the ones that give us information through VK usually




all is well((


any links or something to read on the subject showing that rts has been banned in Russia?


How are you blocked exactly? What message do you get when opening the game? Or does it not load at all for you?


endless loading


I’ve read about this in regards to another game. Russian players can’t play that game anymore because the Russian government is having a dispute with Amazon Web Services (and several others) who hosts that game’s servers. This could be the case with a similar company (or the same company) for Road to Survival. I don’t know Scopely/IUGO’s details.


So… who exactly is affected by this ban?


Some random cheaters.


On the night of 22 April, Internet users have begun to complain about problems with the well-known search service. doesn’t open most of the users.

Monitoring services also confirm the failure. According problems seen in many cities of Russia.

As reported by TV channel Dozhd, access is limited to IP addresses and They are owned by Google, but the site have to work at all.

April 16, by court decision, the operators have begun to block the Telegram. Soon it became clear that the messenger uses new IP-addresses, receiving them from cloud services Amazon and Google. Roskomnadzor began to block IP addresses in groups, which is why a number of large Russian companies began to have problems with the work of their services.

The Position Of Roskomnadzor
The Agency explained the reasons for restricting access to the site Oh. Administrators telegram messenger began to use several Google ip-addresses to bypass the lock in Russia, so the “blow” Roskomnadzor hit the search page


there vsse the zeros, I don’t see anything funny


A VPN would get around this. Most cost some $$$.

Just google how the Chinese get around the Great Firewall of China.


Russian goverment banned millions (millions!) of IPs trying to block Telegram, instant message application that refused to give their encription keys to the goverment (so, you know, your messages keep being yours and secret, not read by Vlad on the toilet).

So Russians don’t underplay… Banned millions (*millions!) of IPs from Amazon Web Services ang google, among others… Lots of problems for Russian users of lots of websites (for example, re-CAPTCHA doesn’t work, so you can not login in your accounts, etc.).

Not an easy thing to solve…


It happened in a few Russian regions where banned ip were located. Try to use vpn but it’s against tos if I’m not mistaken