The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 19.0.1 Patch Notes

Hi Survivors!

We’re excited to announce new features with the 19.0 version of TWD: RTS so it is time you enjoy them!

New Features Walker Hordes

Introducing a brand new feature that turns Road To Survival’s combat on its head for special limited-time events

  • Get to take on the role of Whisperers controlling hordes of vicious Walkers against other players’ fighter teams
  • Manipulate Walkers in intense PVP Combat to earn League Trophies and a variety of other rewards!
  • Use powerful Commands to buff your Horde and cripple your opponent
  • Reaching higher score by causing more death and destruction

Building your Horde

  • Expand your Horde by opening Booster Packs throughout the event
  • Collect and experiment with 26 different types of Walkers and 22 unique Commands to create the perfect killing combos
  • Limitless combinations to experiment with in the hunt for the best strategies
  • Collect Walker Coins in other features and use them to speed up Booster Packs or buy specific cards in the Card Shop
  • Work with your Faction to unlock extra Booster Packs and Cards that last for the duration of the event

Defend against attacks from other Player Hordes

  • Build the best ‘Walker-killer’ team of fighters to thwart opponents’ attacks
  • Bolster your fighters’ defenses with various traps and disruptive terrain
  • Deploy automated defense turrets and equipment with attack or support capabilities - from rocket launchers to decoys

Reap rewards as you climb the ranks

  • Event Tokens that give access to an exclusive Stash
  • League Tokens
  • League Trophies

Milestone rewards have been rebalanced per League to give everyone the best chance of maxing-out their rewards!



  • The AP bar of enemy fighters is now displayed in combat below the HP bar - no more need to guess or open up the dossier to check!


  • Supply Depot now supports multi-buy functionality to speed up bulk purchases!


  • Territory notifications consolidated to cut intrusive messaging
  • Walker Territory Battles will soon give small amounts of League Trophies

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the league side mission would not autocomplete if the player is a higher league / division than the requirements
  • Fixed an issue where targeted offers would trigger a crash with cloud pack data after clearing cache
  • Fixed an issue with some screens on the iPad 11" and 12.9" 3rd gen that were showing back bars
  • Fixed an issue in The Survival Road Stage Selection when Screen becomes unresponsive when multi-tapping the sort buttons on the boost drop-down list of the profile tooltip
  • Fixed an issue when the block button is missing when viewing the player Profile Popup of the Player from the opposing Realm through the event chat Logs player interface.
  • Fixed an issue where maim from an active skill is inconsistent with maim from an adrenaline rush and maim’s description in game
  • Fixed an issue where players are not unlocking League related side missions if they are already or have a higher rank than the missions are asking for and more
  • Fixed an issue when the previous season results shows no season badge if the player did not participate
  • Fixed an issue where the The “Resources Over Capacity” Popup doesn’t appear again after tapping the Confirm button again on the Multiple Purchase mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the player got stuck with the loading information screen after the end of combat
  • Fixed an issue where the League stores portrait marquee stutter while switching character images
  • Fixed an issue where Bleed on attack mod procs one less times than a multi-attack adrenaline rush attack
  • Fixed an issue where Epic and Legendary :fast: Michelle ‘s adrenaline rush is set up that damage happens before stun, preventing some combat mechanics from working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where an error message appears when the player enters the Home Stretch of a season and the previous stretch was not ranked
  • Fixed an issue where the Best Season badge is already displayed on the Leagues tab of the player profile even though the season is still running
  • Fixed an issue with Fast Brianna’s where her Combat Effects modifiers are arranged such that Heal Block affects her healing
  • Fixed an issue where the Defense Team Popup stays on the Onslaught Screen when leaving the Popup open until the Faction Onslaught Battle ends
  • Fixed an issue where the preview image for characters are misaligned when previewing them in the monument
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘i’ button of the rewards on the Recruits And Rewards UI does not have a state effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Boss Health bar flickers when the player enters and exits a feature in Faction Assault Map
  • Fixed an issue where Trying to Retreat label’ turns grayed out after the player finishes a battle
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit button overlaps the strings inside the Additional Info text box of the Player Report modal when entering strings that can reach the edge of the text box
  • Fixed an issue where the Survival Road Tournament Contextual Tutorial does not point or highlight the icon of the arrow

This should be GAME WIDE, not limited to buying food only in the supply depot :man_facepalming:t5:

Amateur hour.


Well at least it’s a start.

What I’m most excited for is the new Walker Horde event. Hopefully it’s at least close to as good as it was in beta.


Do we have to rebuy our packs for each horde event or will they carry over?

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Jezz. That’s actually a lot of fixes. I’m almost proud!
Anyway, nice update!

I can’t see this happening when I’m raiding somebody :frowning:


No trophies in territories yet either, would appear some aspects haven’t gone live yet


Is a wheel update going to follow suit? Really itching to pull for some new blood


Yeah, same here

I can see they removed the legendary glowing at the start of each raid, wasn;t announced

That’s a nice list of fixes, and hope to see more of them down the line. Keep up the good work scopely team!

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Me either :confused:

Do we have any idea by when we can expect the wheels to be updated @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Credit where credit is due. Good job on sorting out the “Max” button


Love to see you‘ve imroved your communications with the player base :wink:@GR.Scopely


What about the wheel update?


Waiting for the update to be forced to everyone before setting up a new wheel

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Interesting, I got a forced update last night - although I am on Beta so that might be the reason