The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 18.1 - Android Public Beta

We’re back with more, Survivors, as the next game update featuring a revisited Faction Transfer feature will unleash soon! :zombie:

We have worked on a revamped Faction Transfer feature, to allow Factions to seamlessly move to a new region, while maintaining their current League Standings. On top of this, we’re reinforcing and adding new tools to ensure all players have a great experience when chatting to their fellow Survivors in the game. Learn more about all the new features coming along with the upcoming update here.

The RTS 18.1 Android Public Beta is scheduled to start later today, January 25th. Read on below for more details and how to enroll. When the Beta starts, eligible testers will receive a notification from the Play Store that a new game update is available to download and play.

We’ll be releasing Faction Transfer in Public Beta 18.1 and allowing all players in the public beta to have access to the feature for a short duration for testing and feedback. With this in mind, beta players will be granted 2 Transfer Keys to experience it and go hands on before the global rollout to all players.

During this occasion, we will also be hosting a series of events, rewarding game resources, energy refills, and currencies.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival - Public Beta

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Public Beta program allows select players access to upcoming Features prior to their release worldwide. Please review the following information about Public Beta to ensure you have a full understanding of the program prior to signing up. Features in Public Beta are currently in development and may contain bugs that impact your ability to engage with the live game.

Important Beta Notes:

  1. The Public Beta is available for Android only.

  2. Due to save compatibility issues, Early Access players who have iOS and Android devices will be locked from using their iOS Device as no Early Access build is available for iOS.

  3. Participation in one Early Access Release does not guarantee participation in future Early Access Releases.

  4. The Early Access does not represent the final implementation of features, and there may be changes between Early Access and final World Wide Release.

  5. Early Access Regions are for testing purposes only and players should not consider them as a ‘permanent home’.

  6. To prevent surprise Public Beta updates, we suggest Turning Off Auto-Update

Signing Up for Early Access:

  1. Using the link provided, join the Early Access Group.

  2. Go to the Become a Tester link.

  3. Click on Become a Tester

Remove Early Access:

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the Early Access Program if you have already updated to the Early Access Build. Your save will not be compatible with the Live Version of the game and you will be unable to access your account until the new version is released.

  1. Go to the Become a Tester link.

  2. Click on Leave the Program.


Where do I find the Public Beta Build?

The Public Beta build will be available for download from the Google Play store the same way you’d download an app normally.

Why can’t I see the Public Beta build in Google Play?

It can take up to 48 hours for the Public Beta build to fully release to all countries. Clearing the Data on your Google Play app can force the build to appear if it is already propagated to your country.

Okay, can you please, please thoroughly test things in Beta? Most features that are “tested” are actually broken beyond comprehension when they come out.


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While your at it can you add coins to leagues please @JB.Scopely


Surely this is a patch, not a “feature”? Shouldn’t it have worked like this from the start? #bringbackcoins.

They test? They have the players do the testing with these betas :rofl:

Well, yeah, but even so the features that were “tested by players” often are hated by many. They could at least spend a bit more time ironing out the dozens of bugs, and maybe listening to player feedback? Wait, what am I saying? Scopely… listening?


Should do stand up comedy… Scopely listening :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Who cares… it will come with bugs anyway.

Regardless of the feedback of this beta, you’ll manage to release it in just a week’s time without fixing anything.


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Again a good update for add nothing. Thx scop. We keep surviving



Did I miss something or there is still no patch notes? @JB.Scopely

Are you serious?

It’s just a beta. However, going by recent experience, beta means nothing.

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5+ hours no update

For the love of god listen to the competent players