The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 18.1.3 Patch Notes


Please note, the new features embedded with the game update will become available once the game version 18.1.3 becomes a “forced upgrade” for all players across platforms.

We have worked on a revamped Faction Transfer feature, to allow Factions to seamlessly move to a new region, while maintaining their current League Standings. On top of this, we’re reinforcing and adding new tools to ensure all players have a great experience when chatting to their fellow Survivors in the game. Learn more about all the new features coming along with the upcoming update here

Patch Notes

  • Faction Region Transfer (v2)

    • Faction leaders can now transfer their Faction league progress to other regions when initiating a transfer.
    • Other faction members are not automatically transferred, but a message is sent to their Inbox informing them of the faction’s new destination region.
    • Faction transfers, like Player transfers, have their own cooldown value.
  • Bypass Storage Limit

    • Players are now able to go over their max storage capacity for Materials and Food when collecting from selected sources.
    • PvE World Energy Refill items and Player Level Up will now provide players with an amount of energy equal to their max capacity even if this brings them over their current storage limit.
  • Chat & Social Improvements

    • Introducing a new live moderation tool for better player to player communications throughout the game.
    • The tool studies and learns in real time, based on each players’ chat logs, and consequently takes necessary action.
    • Improved the player Blocking and Reporting functionalities.
  • Raid Loss Count Removed

    • The Raid Loss Count has been removed from the Player Profile, both for the player’s own view, and when looking at other players’ profile.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where a portion of the screen would become distorted after suspending or resuming the game.

  • Fixed an issue where some Android devices had misplaced hit detection on the right side of the screen.

  • Fixed an issue where some pop-ups would cause the navigation bar to stay active on the screen.

  • Fixed an issue where some players couldn’t bypass the max team cost in Roadmaps, while part of the Survivors Club.

  • Fixed an issue where the HP bars in Raid Logs were not accurate.


  • Fixed an issue where players still had some characters with multiple mods of the same effect.

  • Fixed an issue where the player characters’ HP bars would still visually show the Maim indication after it’s been cured.

  • Fixed an issue where some Adrenaline Rush curing effects got resisted by the character’s own team’s mods.

  • Fixed an issue where Walkers and the faction boss could get disarmed even though their effects aren’t weapon related.

  • Fixed an issue where killing an enemy by maim from an active skill would cause the enemy to not actually be dead (Morgan’s Active Skill)

Top Factions of RTS Update 03/21/2019
Disarm against zombies not working
Did they change blue disarm Michonne in SR?
Raid log details
I could have sworn this was fixed
World energy frozen at high level anyone have same issue
Dear Scopely, please stop chat banning us for calling out towers during war
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Man… was hoping for some more quality of play improvements. Who cares about raid losses. Sigh. The world energy will be a nice change though. Thanks.

Also, I don’t see the league missions being fixed in the patch notes. @JB.Scopely will it be fixed? Thanks.


At least they fixed the raid HP. That was annoying me.

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Good points. Kind of underwhelming for an update that has been talked about since before Christmas.

I guess the faction transfer thing is a pretty big deal for some


Fixed raid HP and the Maim issue with Morgan. Two huge issues expressed in these forums

Faction Transfers is the biggest update since actual transfers so that already makes this update awesome. The going over cap in resources is also something that almost every other game does, like every game, so its a fantastic add as well.
I don’t care about the Losses being removed, in fact its probably the dumbest thing on here.

The chat filters and reporting things can be problematic so hopefully that was ironed out in beta

All in all, the upside of this update out weighs the down side


Yea the faction transfer thing is great! So unfair they had to start all over.


I’m updated and leader of my faction, but faction transfer still blocked out.

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i dont ask for much ! this is probably a small change y’all can do it y’all sleep ! but even the little things go unheard ! @JB.Scopely

It would be great for the players to select the quantity we need & want to receive without clicking every single time. It’s very time consuming & annoying. How is this an option for other things but not in the supply depot ! We want to be able to get in & get out quickly. This should do an update for everything we want to purchase whether it’s with coins or markers for all that is a quantity more than 1…


So, still no solution to territory pop-ups I see.

You sure it’s better?


W:L ratio is actually the first thing I look at, it’s an important indicator of what kind of player you’re dealing with. They might have 100k raids but if 50k are losses you’re hardly gonna rush to recruit.

Really bizarre removal. I’m curious how much player feedback went into this, I’ve literally never seen it brought up once.


Raid losses removed… now how can i make fun of people who have more losses than wins :frowning:


Wont be live until the update is forced to all


Don’t worry @combatman logged this back in feb 2018. Obviously no one at Scopely gives a flying fuck


What do you think when your partners GOOGLE finds out that you consider their name offensive and Censored :laughing: @JB.Scopely


Reminds me when Blizzard did that in the past, worst decision ever.
Some aren’t actually snowflakes and want to see their ratio instead of losing visibility.


I’m actively advocating for this very change to happen, unlike the suggestion I keep on reading about making it a straight forward 1M chunk of Food.

I believe we’re now committing to have this done rather earlier than later…

Buying food with Gear Markers is convoluted

I mean it’s not like one year has passed since this was deemed not ideal by a developer


Same issue here… says faction transfer not available. This is the one thing i have been waiting on!

Why do you build me up (build me up) promises scopely
Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around?
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never fix, or test
The things you say you will (say you will) but I play it still
I need you (I need you) to fix this asap
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) scopely, for once dont break my heart!


Faction transfers won’t be available until they force th update to everyone