The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 18.0.0 - Android Public Beta


So you have to pay to test it? Wtf


Nope not to test it. You will get it free in beta. They haven’t given out the toon yet in beta though but is supposed to come I assume. But you have to pay for it when it goes live on your main regions after beta is over Unless you cancel within the 7 days. Sorry if I wasn’t clear


@JB.Scopely can you please add some toons in the Beta? Cant do the roadmaps without 5* toons :confused:


Oh ok thanks :slight_smile:


@JB.Scopely when we are going to receive Andrea in regions betas


You have to cancel on the 6th day. They will charge you on the 7th day.


@ JB.Scopely wann wird man in der Community freigeschaltete. Zudem bin ich seit dem Update 14.0 ein Beta Tester. Hab diesmal aber kein Update bekommen.


How do you manage your mods without enough wood? I agree that used to be the case, but I lean on material posts now


I have grenades stockpiled. My town has been maxed for over two years haven’t had any use for wood until mods.


That makes sense. I’m a huge slacker on farming and although I have some grenades, I’m not bursting


That’s what happens when you maintain 4 accounts.


Now i’ve understood…we don’t know till now , but we’re all partecipating in Public Beta! This is the reason game is what it is!


Dudes calm down it’s a free Andrea lol ignore the rest just enjoy the free toons.


It is a free character that you can do nothing with unless you get enough Special items to upgrade her. Those special items are in a special roadmap only available for 25 dollars a month. Enjoy the free 5* stuck at tier 1?


Sr. @JB.Scopely Would you be so kind as to confirm if that Andrea was the human shield to which I referred that very soon would you give?
What happens is that for many F2P and / or sporadic spenders it does not benefit us at all to have to be subscribed to something monthly in order to receive a human shield. I’m honest the whole community thought that the character was going to be free something like Solange. Confirm if that is or is another human shield that will be given.


You gotta enjoy the little things in life … Also you get a radio every day you use on the roadmap so if you did it every day you could eventually get her to max tier and possibly even 6 star.


When we know how many special items and how often those radios are given out then we discuss that. How often has the game been different in the beta vs how they were released in live game. We do not know how long it will take yet.


@JB.Scopely is probably watching your comments and snickering :rofl: :laughing: at these post you guys are making.


I was not confused because i can read and comprehend. Is this forum a verification of the much maligned reading skills in the USA or what? LMAO

Not every toon and promotion is or should be equally applied to “sporadic or non spenders” or why the hell would anybody spend?


Wann gibt es die Andrea eigentlich? Außerdem bekomme ich schon seit Tagen keine Radios und keine tägliche kostenlose Ziehung!