The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 17.0.0 - Android Public Beta


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 17.0.0 - Android Public Beta

We’re back with more, Survivors, as the next game update featuring Faction Onslaught will unleash soon! :zombie:

While we’re polishing up on the last bits and pieces of the upcoming patch, we would like to give you a hands on preview of what’s to come next in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Faction Onslaught

A brand new Faction vs Faction game mode!

  • Be part of a faction to automatically enroll during an event.
  • Defeat opposing team members to gather points!
  • The faction with the most points in a given time frame wins the match!
  • Players can only be defeated a specific number of times in a given match.
  • Fully defeat all your opponents for bonus points!
  • Trophies and Rewards are handed out on a league’s basis.
  • Free Energy is distributed before each combat phase.
  • More Energy can be purchased for yourself and your whole faction.

Important Beta Notes:

  1. The Public Beta is available for Android only.

  2. If you play on iOS and Android at the same time, you will be locked out of your iOS device for the duration of the Public Beta, as your Public Beta save will not be compatible with the current version of the game available on iOS.

  3. Accessing this Beta does not guarantee access to future Betas, and requests will still be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

  4. The Public Beta does not represent the final implementation of features, and there may be changes between the Public Beta and the actual game update to come.

  5. Public Beta Regions are for testing purposes only and players should not consider them as a ‘permanent home’.

Please follow the link below to register your interest for the Public Beta:

The Public Beta is set to start on October 5th!

Can not log into game at all


Went to the beta region, tried to go back into my main region, now it’s saying network failing and won’t let me on the game.


Same thing is happening to me


Same here. “content 2” error.


Das gleiche Problem hab ich auch. Wollte von Beta wieder zu lee und immer wieder Netzwerkfehler.

TWD:RTS 17.0 Update - Faction Onslaught - 10.5.18

Same as above content error 2. Check network connection even unistalled and it goes straight to the error


This is so damn ridiculous.


DM me your account codes please.


Is there a way to get free 6* toons in the beta regions? I started playing in the beta regions and I have nothing, because of this I can’t really test the update


Leagues pretty much gives em for free, barely cost any of the points you get.


Done and done.


Done and Done


Thanks - Can’t respond to all your messages individually because spam filters




Sounds hard, when I only can get two 6* against 70 6*


There were more, they reset.


Aah okay, that means I have to wait Oof


Yep I’m locked out also sent you my code


Sent my code