The Walking Dead "Rick's Final Episode" recap *SPOILERS*


What does everyone think of this episode? I’m dying to hear some thoughts.

Is the helicopter from the CommonWealth?

Where is Rick going?

Now we’re 6 years into the future…

Are you excited to meet the Whisperers?

Who is in Magna’s group? How will they change the story?

Judith is holding Michonne’s katana and wearing Rick’s hat…wow

And Carol with long hair…


I’m excited to see (sort of spoiler) the new movie(s) they’re talking about on Talking Dead. Also my theory is they needed an “A” because they believe those are the ones who can be immune or have immune like qualities.


I’m also stoked to see the new movies they’re talking about. And I think A and B has something to do with the type of survivor they are


I bet if it is the commonwealth, they’ll be coming back, and Anne will, after the Whisperer war. But Rick won’t be shown


I would hope if that happens they at least mention him to one of them so they at least know what happened to him. Then again it may cause a huge fight against the Commonwealth and the communities.


I’m just excited to also see how they show the commonwealth. It’s meant to be some community with 50,000 people inside of it. Meaning a massive, massive space. But the thought of when this will happen is screwing with my mind cause we’re only now meeting Magna and Yumiko (not even yet) and the Whisperers are only around the corner. So much left… Haha


Excited for the Whisperers.
As farfetched most of the episode was, I’m very very pleased.
Much better than the saviors war bullshit.


We saw Magna’s group, once again the people they cast look almost nothing like the comics and I get confused…


The biggest question of all… Who cares. They are delusional to think people want more tv shows and movies. That horse died 4 years ago. Even the main actors want nothing to do with the franchise anymore.


People want more of Rick, which they’re gonna make movies of his journey, that’ll certainly sell.


He’s done being Rick. No one wants to see someone else play that character.


Andrew Lincoln himself said he’s far from finished playing as Rick.


Hes doing a Love Actually sequel and prequel with a limited 6 episode series.