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TWD No Mans Land is having an event for 1 month, what I really like is that they give you 4 days of unlimited energy and double xp and imo thats a little thing that makes the event overall better, its the little things that matter also, cough, cough. Also the instructions are very clear for the event on what is needed to do in order to get the rewards, no having to scramble about having to plan to figure out how you can get the event rewards, cough, cough. Another thing to note is thru season episode missions you can unlock all chacters, something imo would be nice to have in TWD RTS. Looney Toons has something like this where you can earn these type of token pieces and get toons. Do you think RTS should have something similar?

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Looks like it’s time to re-download it.


Always liked how No man’s land team handles things.But it’s just not as good as it could be.

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This game is good, and the devs support it.

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NML needs to add more characters though, they are missing alot.

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Marvel Strike Force is similar, in that they have 3 different types of login bonuses ( a daily bonus where rewards are recycled weekly, daily bonus where rewards are changed monthly, and a daily bonus where rewards are changed based on event). What you expect to receive for the login is shown upfront, so you can see what you’re going to get a month from now for example.

They also have a timer for upcoming events so you can plan things out.

In a nut shell, it seems like the communication within the developers and programmers of MSF works.

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Aw fook me I thought this was TWD and got a little excited :blush:

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