The value of SC

I thought I would try it out for this event, just got charged for my first installment. I got to thinking about the value SC offers at a price of 25$ a month. We all know what SC offers and what it doesn’t.

How about this, Microsoft offers their game pass service for 15$ a month. Having access to a complete library of top shelf xbox games compared to a disappointing daily pull and a few small handouts…

I’m pretty sure ill be cancelling after this… just thought I would offer the comparison


Value of SC is utterly terrible


the most useful thing ive found after my first week was the extra food. I think a single month of generating all this food will allow me to stock up enough replenish cans for like 6 months.

Honestly the battle pass give you more for your money and its 5 dollars cheaper but the sc member is garbage only thing thought was kinda useful was the no craft parts but then again I never had any problem with parts for crafting

I agree, BP is a rare value in this game. I think if you wanted to make SC worth the price you would need more pulls (at least 2 a day), the coin pass included, crafting that includes grease, varnish, oil, and files, and a discount on any additional offers in the store.

I Gave it up nearly 2 months ago and I haven’t noticed it at all👍


It’s not very good. I’ve had it for months and have NEVER pulled a premier Yoon across several regions. Waste of money I feel.


does anyone have anything positive to say about the value of SC?

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Maybe the materials and food boost, if this was 4 years ago lol
We did get the extra free Ruby’s though during that mining event

It used to have the benefit of doubling your roster (still does but it’s no longer a benefit) which really helped with level ups but you don’t need this since the trainer and level up update. Even that benefit was poor though.
You’re basically paying for a pull a day on a wheel you might not want to pull on and not having to use parts when crafting (as you’ll never run out of food or materials if you play the game right anyway). For half the price of a brand new console game. It’s awful


That may even be giving it too much credit, for 10$ less each month you get access to just about ALL the new console games on xbone


Or you can pirate on pc and pay nothing

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You do get the event extras like more banners, arrows, rubix cubes etc. The plat attack on attack mod they put up recently is tempting too. But the price is too much. Sc and battle pass for 25 bucks every month seems more realistic


Tbf most games would give battle pass, SC and coin pass for the price of SC.
If they did that I’m sure overall they would actually make more money.


id pay 5$ a month for just the extra food, id be open to an a la cart SC experience

That was pretty much the main reason I subscribed when it first came out. Judging by the uproar over the trainer caps it would be more beneficial to increase those than the roster now.

Early on they also did a thing where for every week you subscribed you got a bunch of trainers or gear and stuff. Something like that would be good.

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I got it to try out for this month.


  • Crafting - It’s VERY nice not having to use crafting parts with the SC membership
  • Extra Anniversary Banners
  • Extra comics - Even though it is a couple of extra comics each week. The Platinum Mod for Attack stat in Attack Set was a nice deal for SC members in the black market tab
  • Scrap 2 Platinum mods - this is nice. I can sell 2 useless platinum mods and get one that is in the desired set at least.

& Microsoft will be throwing in their cloud streaming service to that, free of charge.

My XB Live is $9.99. I don’t have Game Pass thing.

Game pass is awesome, I rate it over the PS equivalent because you actually download the game instead of stream so you never get hit by lag. Plus they mixed in some PC games, so you can play some of them 9n xbox & some Xbox games on PC.