The Value of Money

Random thought, but I thought it might be good for some to see this.

For less than $100,
-A turtle beach gaming headset

For just over $100,
-A VIZIO soundbar and subwoofer

For $250;
-A 32gb iPad Mini

For $300,
-A cordless Dyson vacuum

For $500,
-A Samsung 55" curved TV

For less than $1,000
-A vibrating massage chair

Choose wisely.


F••• RTS I’m buying a vacuum


In comparison, what do we get here for $100?? Forty shitty 4* toons…
Yeah that’s money well spent :rofl::rofl:


But all that cake is sooo tasty! You know they lace it with cocaine right? Mmmmm :joy:

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damn priya costs the same as everything above put together…only difference your guaranteed to get all that…you still wouldnt be able to get priya lol
And even if you did she would be worthless in a year or so.


Where’s the hookers🤷🏼‍♂️

And in 3 months time non of the items listed will be obsolete and worth a fraction of what you paid.


Who would win?
A bunch of high quality electronics
One imaginary lady with a rocket launcher (that you may or may not even receive/own)?

I’ve been needing a new gaming headset.

These must be American prices

Apple…laughs in Samsung
(Also laughs in my mum got me. A damm Huawei
I hate having to deal with their ceo looking at me thought the camera… Sometimes fbi man fights over it)

That vaccum is pretty sweet

Thats not cake, that’s pie in our face!

Amazon doesn’t sell everything

Damn lol