The ultimate troll


Gg scopely. You’ve won this round.


Wrong, not quite the ultimate troll.

This is the ultimate troll. I really don’t want 50 more days of this…

Should have at least given me the 6* version, grumble :pleading_face:


I got a second zeke too. I figure if you’re gonna get a dupe, he’s a great dupe to get.


Better than the 4★ garbage I just bought. Worthless. They weren’t that great when released either.


I wouldnt mind him. newer servers didnt get him free


Both the f2p selections in the wheel, Zeke and the Gov (and Conner, thx @Fedichini), are very good chars (don’t have Conner so not sure about him). But if you’ve had Zeke for a year, adding another, meh. Means I run the exactly same team for ~23 more days until 100 tokens are reached… Then see if I have an opportunity to even try something different. I have this bad feeling another Gov is in my future. :scream:


Nah the biggest troll was them almost making a war right after the lucky token event ended.


You forgot about Connor


How about back to back Govs? U know, the free one in Depot? Yeah, pulled his five star and six star in consecutive pulls


I will take those govs and raise you 2 duplicate Richards


I don’t have him, so i wouldn’t mind


First one was I happy with, 2nd is going to sit at 5* t3 70 until he’s used as a Bennie I guess


How’s this for a troll?

This character which is the next and previous level up reward :wink:


Only really a troll if you had recently obtained her from those other sources…


Pull Richard with 5*Token
And a few seconds later i pull him again with anniversary token


Damn, that hurts…


Eh, usually when these things happen I usually get that character again somehow within a week



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