The Ultimate Troll Move

Anyone else getting this pop up upon opening the game?

Except when you go to do these “offers” or watch videos you get this pop up?

Real nice,way to rub it in my face. I just love getting teased by the fact that you have all these offers for coins meanwhile I haven’t been able to complete offers or watch even a single video in over 10

How about you stop releasing crap no one asked for or wanted and #FixYourGame

LG Rebel 3


nope so far I have gained 65k coins from the x2.5 offer


The extra coins dont count for videos. You have to do the tapjoy offers. If they’re not popping up try clearing your cache and waiting a bit. See if that helps

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That’s very unfortunate. What region are you?

I’m up 13k so far, should get another 6k tonight.

Impossible without spending money to complete enough offers to get 65k coins already.

never said I hadn’t spent any money as i have spent about 30 bucks

Its definitely possible. With many offers giving like 20k coins for progressing, and they’re usually cheap throwaway games that just want little bits of money from you to really get OP. Its defin possible

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I did say without spending money.

Then he said he did spend money

Which then equals possible and I wouldn’t debate that… which I didn’t.

That’s how it be sometimes

Lol, that little back and forth ^ made me literally laugh out loud, thanks :smiley::hugs:

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Most of the top offers I have done already plus I havent been able to get into the tapjoy section since right before the last double coin thing

It’s not the game region, but the global region.
The only offers I get, even during the 2.5x, are worth 500 coins, tops…

Yeah I meant world region. Maybe I should have been more clear.

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Also, the whole « some phones don’t allow coins from tapjoy games » any more. That is extremely unfair to those of us who have iPhones.

No real offers on IOS… that’s sheer segregation

That’s between IOS and tapjoy. I don’t think scopely have a say. Theyd definitely rather have both because thatd mean more in their pocket

Ah, I found it under tapjoy support. No clue why they did it, but they did.

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