The Ultarear gear map ain't farmable anymore?

Wtf scopley ?
While you need hundreds of gear for one S class .the map ain’t farmable?
Is this a joke?


And no gear markers, elite gear didn’t have them either

Farming rdmaps is a big part of busy work for daily play.
They are just screwing them up


I forgot about the gear markers :smirk:

Yep these roadmaps need fixing ASAP. Just ridiculous


Just not good

Just wasted an entire can thinking i was just unlucky with double drop leads.

Scopley needs to fix and make this up to the players. All we want is a consistent farmable gear roadmap. Simple as that.

It is known and it is a bug as confirmed on Discord.

I wonder what other bugs we never heard about, like players never get S class from wheels not cause they unlucky but cause it’s impossible due to unknown bug to the public.
Every thing is possible on this company especially when it comes to gates and bugs

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2 bidons utilisés avant de m’apercevoir de l’absence des caisses… On se moque de qui ??? De pire en pire

2 cans used before I noticed the absence of the crates … Who’s to be ??? Getting worse and worse

Atleast it’s choice boxes

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