The trash war rewards are causing people in my region to quit in droves alongside Bucketgate

What’s the point of even bothering anymore?

First you treat us all like mugs and now these war rewards? What are these? Did you people actually look and think, “Yup a full weekend event where everyone always goes all in that takes a tonne of time and effort. 50 items out of a necessary 10,000 seems good to us”

Get your act together, just stop.

First you completely ignore Bucketgate and try to sweep it under the rug hoping we forget, we haven’t, we won’t and you need to remedy that immediately. Your post about it didn’t even contain an apology. Just excuses and bullshit.

Now these rewards, Jesus. Worst company ever. EA looks like CD Projekt Red compared to you guys


EA looks like a saint.

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Wars is the reward and the so called rewards are their way of telling you not to go ham and gg all over the place throughout the weekends loool
Just first two milestones then spend time with fam.

So is the war reward wheel finished?
Is the new format going forward

Aww some little snowflake fl@ged me


Suck for CRW but good for AOW (if you can convert 500 red velvet into 1.1k cones/keys)

Oh and by the way… your post states that bucketgate and poor rewards are causing people in your region to quit… yet you openly bragged that your faction held all four limited time terros and were just so proud of it. Think about that for a little while.


Nothing wrong with holding territories? It’s survival of the fittest.

And the rewards were actually good.

By holding those territories we got better rewards than 3 or 4 of the current sets of war rewards would give to FIRST place


If you are in first… again, the problem with these rewards is that it does nothing to keep the f2p around that aren’t in top factions. It’s a brutal decision. As a former spender, I haven’t gotten a toon worthy of ascending since Elle. Looks like it will be that way until I get 10,000 cones. Awful.


Agreed, but thems the breaks unfortunately

As a spender my last toon that I ascended was Amber lol. Then reduced my spending by a lot after various 40 pulls for Doc Stevens. A couple months ago went f2p.

Maybe they could have given war tokens instead and people could choose if they want to pull from war wheel or convert them into keys/cones/bullets/cakes

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holding all 4 though is greedy and fucks everyone else in your region. then you will moan you want competition. Then TTT or AP merge will move in to give you comp and then you will moan about the whales that held all 4 terrs and you couldnt get one


I’m totally with you there.

Except, if you kept every other person in your region out of those territories, then you can’t put all the blame on Scopely when they quit in droves, can you?

At least you have to acknowledge that you might have contributed to a feeling of futility on their part, right? You’re so much stronger as a faction that they can’t even take a single territory off you - and now you’re just going to be getting much stronger as a result.

I’m sure rewards don’t help but do you not think there’s more to it?


So when a faction holds all four territories do they have the right to complain about the fPower creep?Asking for a friend…

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or when no one bothers to que up for war if its AoW just to show them how it feels

If you’re holding all 4 territories, hell even just 2 of them, it’s cause you know your teams are going to hold out strength wise and the average player will do little to threaten your hold on them. ‘Competition’ is used to protect immorality lol


But but… The beads!!!

See the gear to upgrade S-class?Ye fuck that.

EA: Im evil!
Scopely: Hold my transactions


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely
Take this to the team. Mark my words. If this is the war rewards going forward, YOU WILL lose players and YOU WILL lose money. War is the main event, war is the endgame, we do raids, sr, level up, etc all to prepare for war, this is the event everyone looks forward toward to test their teams, to see who is the best of the best and if rewards are this poor, people will simply not war and when they dont war, the only event anyone cares for, they will quit or they will stop spending and trying. Unless you are trying to kill the game on purpose, congrats, doing a fine job. If not, GET IT TOGETHER SCOPELY!!!