The town is so boring. Bring little details

So. . . .

Is there ever gonna be some extra little details to the Town?

Like, it snows during Christmast or with flowers during spring? Maybe some halloween pumpkins here and there during halloween or some pink details for valentines?

It is the little details you know?

Maybe some town cosmetics(I know they will overprice this but gonna ask anyway)


Town skins coming exclusively to the Season Pass holders for only an additional $9.99 a month… :smirk:


Just 9,99$ a month? That doesn’t sound like the Scopely I know. :thinking:

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Well, when we find out at launch that it’s for a rng bag with a .02% chance at actually getting the skin and a 99.8% chance for a grenade then it won’t be as shocking I imagine.

So don’t forget to act now supplies are limited and it’s our best vaule but remember it’s one time only but it will appear all day anyway just in case you missed it.

Now I bet that seems a whole lot more familiar now. :smirk:


It does indeed :+1:

I said this same thing last year and the year before lol Its the little things that would make the game seem so much more intuitive.

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Did they answer your question or feedback? If not. Then we will have to use the @JB.Scopely or something.

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Let’s focus at bigger issues than town appearance, no?

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Oh, they “are looking into it” on all of the buggs so far found and stuff. Just asking if they will make it this in the future… you know. After they fix up their 300.000 or so buggs?

Yeah, it would but they won’t. They have an art department and yet they used clip art for the turkey in the Thanksgiving promo. :rofl:

@anon76032564 found it and it was hilarious. I’m trying to find her post.

thanksgiving-dinner-clipart-pumpkin-pie-1.jpg1300x1300 276 KB

Found it. Thanksgiving Princess leak? :rofl:

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I found this and it’s royalty free. Might as well help them with the Christmas event promo. Your welcome. :christmas_tree:

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Lol , they moved their designers to another department (cause they need more employees to count the $$$ )
If you know what I mean .

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Last year they told me there wasn’t enough time to implement (that’s fine, I understand production timelines) but yeah, then nothing this year…speaking volumes

I am puzzled why you think only the town is boring?

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Oh? Everything is boring. The only way to find fun is if you try to make it. Like, creating a 3* toon team and beating the world stages with only them.

But the little details should have been implemented during the first years. What kind of game stays the same through seasons? Some white patches instead of green. Maybe more orange and yellow during autumn? Maybe some nicely seasonal titles. Like, you made it to complete the christmast limited time museum collection? Here. Have a title so people will know you were playing since Christmast and make it to get the museum collection!

Who knows.

Its all about the next promo character!

Zoom in

Let’s not forget this group.

Can we replace the museum with Carl completely? It’s another great idea from @Alestrey977