The Time When A Human Shield Was A Tourny Prize

And then changed to a different prize…

This probably happened a few months after shield Lee was released. It was leaked that Lee was going to be a prize for a solo or faction level up and there was a group of people who thought that this would break the game because of how rare HS were back then. Scopely saw the reactions and quickly changed the prize to something else. Hope you all enjoyed reading this.

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What’s your point?

I’ve seen a few former team mates pull sheilds from the current event wheel. This is a huge step forward in character diversity, etc.

Huge improvement over just 1 player earning a sheild in a level up.

I don’t have a point? I was just sharing something that happened a couple of years ago.

Oh OK then.


nah they’ll just stick with this and hope for the best

What’s the point of this?

point is rewards are crap

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Cool story bro

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There was a time when a 4 star character was the latest premier recruit.

Not relevant, possibly not interesting. Kinda like the opening post…


Rex 'members… 'Member when 4* Andrea was the prize for a damn near impossible roadmap? Rex 'members…

Not interesting yet here you are replying to the thread. I just wanted to mention something that happened back in the day. Don’t have to be a douche for no reason at all but to be one.

You can reply to something not interesting… It’s when you say “I don’t care” that contradicts itself.

I’m not a douche for no reason.

There is a perfectly good reason.

It’s because I’m a douche


Of course, typical FU member. Kidding lol

Gotta have the skills if you wanna ride with the best :wink:

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