The time has come to drop the bots

There was a time not so long ago when there wasn’t bots in the game, raiding was a good way to make food, and you didn’t find a overpowered team way out of their ranking. Please put it back to the way it was the new system is junk.

Just curious, how long ago do you think bots were introduced?


2 year old feature in a game just over 2 years old


You always fight bots since the AI runs even real accounts teams.

I think bot is deceptive name and henceforth they should be called Scopelgangers


Not so long ago? Wut…

Bots are needed to maintain the raid system.

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Shhhhh I only raid bots :wink:

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Yes, there’s always been bots. But i guess there’s maybe more now there aren’t so many active players? Without these teams you wouldn’t get much raiding in during a raid tournament though.

So for what you are asking for it to work essentially you don’t want any body to get shields after they have been raided? Cause without the bots that would be the only way to make sure there are teams to raid.

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Raids wouldn’t work without these “bots”, which are just copies of other players teams. During a tournament, everyone gets raided frequently which means their shields are up for the most part. If there were no bots, there would be no one to raid.

How do you know if it’s a bot or a real account?

It would be missing both a team score, a faction and will have a generic name like Carl, Judith, Martin, etc…


Oh hell no.

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I agree that while there’s always been bot teams (and these have always been more frequent during raid events) something changed a few months back and we now see a lot more bot teams at all times when raiding.

Food gained is capped at just 16k 90% of the time and we are now at a point following the introduction of 6*, where we need MORE food, so I’d also say this needs to be looked at.

Ofcourse, this has coincided with more food offers in the shop…

Master @ ghosting you are

Very true especially now defences hardly ever work. I’m 6th in my region. Gets a tad annoying waking up everyday to lost rep. Regardless if rep means nothing. Be nice if it did though would definitely add something to the game and make daily raiding worth something other than just a position in a pointless table.

Bots came out in the last year they have grown exponentially in the last 6 months they were not there from the beginning. While bots maybe based off real teams the real teams drop more food and you won’t find a rank 200 with a full 6* team with stun weapons that will stomp anyone that trys it.

Bots have been here from the very beginning.

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No they really haven’t I’ve been playing for over 2 years and didn’t see bots till last year

I have noticed bots since late 2015- early 2016
This was an outrage to my faction when I was a noob.

Bots have been in the game since I started in oct. 2015. Edit: Not that I have any problem with bots, it’s the only way I can get more than 6 rep while any loss I ever take is automatically 25, and I never take down my drop.