The time for a solo tournament is now

RTSC… An event where the top 2-5 raiders in each region move on to face the top 2-5 from all regions. Hard to manipulate something like that without everyone benefiting all competitors equally. Could even split it into lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight tournaments that are divided into strength, level, prestige and/or a combination of the 3. A tournament including and/or based on prestige would be a great way to include ftp-moderate spenders in the ‘Best of’ conversation. Profits wouldn’t have to be a major consideration, the other higher divisions would more than make up for the lowest. Would be a lot more expensive and incredibly time consuming to say the least. Something like that would require a return to an awarded toon. A truly unique character made specifically for such an event. Go with the unnecessarily cheap route of lotto pulls or gear gotten through easier means and it’ll just be another Scopely 1 step forward 2 steps back type thing.

for this to work it would have to be done a bit like onslaught and have a certain amount of attacks and no refills. the only way to determine the best raiders from this would be speed of the kill and having 5 alive

They have a difficult time making 1 unique character every 2 months dont see that happening unless it’s being sold

Alternatively, unlimited raid energy, kinda like the daily survival road. just keep going till your fingertips are bleeding, and then keep going.

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