The tiger KING is here

This is jobe exotic the tiger king


He looks like a child molester.


I’d rather have him than Javier

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I came to ask… wtf is Jobe?

I have coins saved and was thinking I’d pull for Java but…I wanna know more about Joe Exotic.


All Shivas get 300% attack and def, huge ap, 15/35, stun and focus. They all die after four turns. Rush: Carol GD Baskins: turn three: 100 ap down to all opponents for two turns, all teammates -50 def, clear all status and gain 100ap to every teammate.


That is exactly what I thought!! :joy::joy:

I wish I could like this post more then once. Made me cry I laughed so hard lmfao!!!


Joe exotic was pretty close to a child molester.

There’s a distinction between tigers, tweakers and children.

Idk, in that documentary about him one person said he liked his men “young and dumb”.

Yeah but that’s still a stretch

He’s gone now yall.


The king will return

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Jobe is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He is super caring and loving. He always forgives you and gives you many chances. He is very considerate and not selfish in anyway. Anybody to get to know Jobe is very lucky and blessed to have Jobe in their lives.

That or Scopely couldn’t spell Job. I suspect this was the case, and Job’s bad luck and maladies led to him dying in the ascendance tower even before his stats could be released. RIP Job.

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Never forget. We did not deserve him.

…can we get an Elvis impersinator though?

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Could he potentially be the character in the anniversary crate?

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