The three main problems with the upcoming CRW rewards

As I see it, there are three main problems with the upcoming cross region war rewards:

  1. The main rewards (a 5* non-ascendable toon) are worthless in the current state of the game. With 6* toons being so much more powerful than their 5* brethren, giving a 5* is like if they gave a 4* toon as a reward before ascendance. It has no use in the current game. You might as well give out incense instead.

  2. The rewards are no better than the regular war rewards of late. CRW is supposed to be the pinnacle event in this game and the rewards are supposed to reflect that. The deva have explicitly stated as much. Even if you won’t give out an ascendable at this point, at least give out more rewards.

  3. The rewards are getting objectively worse. 2 cross region wars ago, top 3 got Siddiq (an ascendable 5*!!! Plus 10k+ 5* tokens). Then next CRW too 3 got 10k+ 5* tokens. Now we get a non ascendable 5*. To us, this is the same as getting a Benedict.

Why would my faction spend time and money for 1 Benedict? There’s no point.



I would rather get 4-6th place and get 4/5ths of a pull. At least there’s a tiny chance I could finally get Carl or shiva rather than these worthless 5* toons.


That’s what we are debating if the chances of getting an ascendable > the Ulysses

Well said m8. Too hard to even give a 6* rosita the weakest 6*. At least she will be useful in survival road. Fuck scopely

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Hell, give out Carl, shiva, and Mira. At least they’d be useful.

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Scopely is killing my region, i will have to find a new game very soon

I don’t see the need in leveling traits all the way. Once you have the max ability and quicker initial cool down, that’s as far as I go. I don’t really need a bunch if them right now. Of course, if there were more 6*s that i could acquire outside if premier, then I’d have a need for them.

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Yeah 5/8 is usually sufficient

The continued downfall of this game since u released 6* is staggering. I don’t think u have kept ur word on just about anything u said about CRW having the best prizes to old 5* becoming ascendable. A lot of ppl only play due to the friendships they have made. But at this point I think we can all just uninstall RTS and keep in touch on Line because obviously after these CRW prizes u haven’t listened to the players at all and it’s a big fuck you to all of us. You guys arent trying to do any type of damage control at all and that shows u either don’t care or are just an incompetent company altogether. Either way this is just plain and simply unacceptable to expect people to spend hundreds if not thousands on premiere toons and then compete with each other over dog shit…


Is anyone else as excited about the Milestone rewards as I am? The belt holster and scope are the best top prizes ever!!! NOT! How about some 6* gear not stuff we can farm on the ultra rare gear maps.


I am pretty sure no one at Scopley’s had played the game.

I think that refers to the 6* gear you need for reds

Then it would be a double holster. It just says belt with holster so I think it’s this one

I know, I’m just hopeful it’s misworded, because I don’t see why 5* gear that isn’t a bag or walkie would be at the final milestone. That said, I don’t know why any of the other rewards would be what they are either

Probably because Scopely is out of touch with the customers and they don’t know what “players first attitude” really means or how to go about it. Funny that we’ve been complaining for weeks and the prizes have not improved at all but yet they are putting us first? More like they are putting their wallets first lol we all know next weeks level up milestones are going to be the same high milestones very few can reach and crappy prizes. I usually always participate and finish survival road tournaments I didn’t even bother cuz the prizes were garbage. I’m sure more and more will continue to stop wasting their time.

Let it out, I get it


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Only ones that are crying for 6* toon rewards, are the top players(spenders).They don’t care about the balance of the game ,but only how they will be stronger in game…Scopely’s decision to stop rewarding top factions with 6* toons in this point ,is one of the best !! Otherwise the gap between first faction and the other will be huge…

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Some toons are better with the skill unleveled on defence. I’d rather shiva confusing 2 for 2 turns round 3 than 4.

Top factions who spend keep this game alive. Do you actually think that once scopely drives all the spenders away that they will continue to keep updating the game, create new features or even put any resources into it? Of course they won’t. It’ll be a dead product without any income coming in.


Agreed, carl’s Skill is pretty much useless