The thing about driving revenue and why that will speed up further decay of revenue reports

You can’t do a complete game design overhaul over the course of weeks to drive revenue and expect the player base to not notice. THIS is why your revenue reports are tanking.

Hi there, marketing/revenue/liveOps team(s) - have you guys learned nothing yet?

You cannot go cold turkey from 5* premier recruit pulls that had 5* locked at US$300 (per decap Sandy stash pricing, shield-michone crates, etc) pre-ascension then flip over to gear-driven revenue model and expect it to work when the user base is used to farming gear for free over time.

Your decision to buff 6* right before CRW to push revenue by adding ascenable 5*/6* into the premier wheel nerfed 5* value to US$100 overnight (by locking in 1 in 40; which, for the love of god please make sure that it works, while blocking airplane bs, when new content goes live). Further to this, you then try to sell 6* for US$100 over Christmas that further nerfed 5* to US$11 or less (nine 5* makes one 6*, as supported by crate/offer benedict prices). ALL of this alienates your player base that pulled 5*s and shows that you have no clue when managing the value of your digital properties.

Not to mention what you did with GPS/Canteen - first the stash was at 36,000 coins for 1 of each (18,000 coins per so roughly US$200 since you do get random bonuses with the stash). Now, it’s US$100 for a set with a bonuses dropping the value to US$35 over the course of ONE week. Next the GPS/canteen gets moved to stash - 5 chances for US$100. Stop. It’s not going to work because the meta is stale - there’s a huge bottleneck on the character pool where F2P:P2W is like 1:8. NOONE is going to spend US$500 to pull a 5* asendable (with a value of US$11 or less) to compete in events where the prizes include tokens for a chance at Shiva (aka fancy-benedicts, value also at US$11)

Now you go cold turkey again by switching gear map to a daily, nerf world refills, to try to sell us gear that the player base used to be able to farm AND try to force purchases of world refills at 100 coins through death marks. This clearly doesn’t work so now this switch to gear depot to kill/control food in circulation/drive revenue by food - will fail also.

Here: if it’s worked in the past it will work again.

Go back to war/CRW prize exclusive toons. Go back to power-creeping premier recruits that you need to compete for those awesome war/CRW prizes. Go back to putting GPS/Canteen in top prizes to drive competition in events like it did before during the Vincent-CRW. Have an epic/legendary gear map. Keep the ledgendary drop rate low and use that as bait. Have world refills offers to push farming. Events is where your revenue was and it’s still where it is at. Noone wants to play pokemon just to catch-them-all for no reason.

Sigh. I am way too dedicated.


There are many things that need reviewing but I feel this is of most importance. It was what was generating them money, and keeping us happy. Whoever thought that running dry the availability of gear was a good thing, you sir are a moron.


Not understanding - how is bottle-necking gear through these daily gear grind maps good?

How do you usually get food during level ups? (I am assuming you would at least do the odd 750k+ every once in a while)

I see … “you sir” wasn’t referring to me.

I thought that was strange - main source of revenue from this digital product was always via gambling in premier recruit wheel.

The main resource of revenue in this game is EGO and peoples insatiable desire to be number one. This causes them to spend way too much money on pixes in order to make that dream a reality.


This is 100% true.

More specifically it’s preying on the false emptiness of “winning” that is nothing more than an illusion. It’s gambling. It’s addiction. It’s becoming the new norm of the modern gaming industry.

Look at the feedback thread.

Food is a fundamental aspect of this game by design and should never become premium content. There is nothing exciting about paying for food or gear.


Without a doubt. 100% true. I want to stop but I haven’t been able to yet. At least I am able to keep my spending to just the monthly pass.

Here is a question for the players. When did leveling up our toons become the premiere attraction in the game? It is without a doubt the most boring thing in the entire game. They have now built their entire real world profits on this one area of the game. They nerfed our ability to farm gear. Then they nerfed a way to win free energy tanks which are required for most of the players if they want to complete the new gear maps and roadmap “events”. Yet people are still putting up 3 mil points in every level up even if the prizes are worth less then the time and money spent to reach that 3 million. It makes me laugh. No change will ever come if people do not stop feeding the beast.

They know revenues suck at the moment. Is it any wonder why our great feedback and ideas become “offers” that we have to pay to get? It’s been said before, so to remind everyone again…

This forum is being used to gage our gaming desires through our “feedback”, and Scopely will find ways to try to profit from that.

Keep surviving!


i think your post is a defamation and a breach of ToS

This just in: 50% off coins offer.

I think for once marketing/revenue/liveOps understand that this green command guy is a complete overlap with F2P cmd Glenn amd nugget Wyatt (I paid for mine btw, never again) - hence the price slash.

Oh dear.

What’s next? 100% off coins offer? Purchase US$100 coins and get a 6* red Rosita for free? Might as well right?

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Or they still don’t understand anything cause number of people that will spend 100$ for single pull/toon is really low. Which is main point of crappy revenue.

After this MASSIVE 6* blunder, and now being forced to show odds they see the writing on the wall.

The move from whale hunting on big premiere pulls PvP game to a much more micro-transaction PvE grindfest is in full effect.

Great post nd great topic.

Either that staff at Scopley are daft or there getting too much pressure daily/weekly to make more profit.
So there constantly looking for a jump back up in revenue for the week…can’t build the future of a game like that. Needs stabilising.