The teddy mission is impossible without the road tourny

Sorry for autism but. My whole region is a bunch of casuals and only two guys have payback negan… Sooooo I guess are region is at a per. Disadvantage because I assume that the pb negan will be a requrlirwment for all missions.
So in region war we will be under powered because of people not playing hardcore like me /: somethings bullshit here. Maybe it’s the fact of a princess gate coming around ya now. Region no princess
Auto lose war.

I’m one of the lucky few who found out in my fac to farm bronze 23 for the negan the first time but now there’s no options… Except for trying to raid somebody the whole server is trying to raid…

It will be a long time for people to s class princess except hard core spenders.

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If her collectables are avaliable after the event (which they should be, or else all of the milestones aside from her last 1000 are literally pointless), then she will be avaliable to collect for everyone just like every other Sclass.

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I actually finished it just now with the raid event (in a near-dead region). Lucked into a Negan-led bot team; was worth the food to hunt it.

Raid bots, it’s not hard to get them if the originals are in your raid pool, there’s plenty of bots during tournaments

Bro you have had multiple opportunities to go to a more populated region.

I’m in a 1A region. 3100 raid trophies and have found zero bots with Negan in them.


Most people like their own region and didn’t have a reason to leave in the first place…

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SeIZe tHE plAY


2a, before raid tourney, had to refresh 50 odd time to find 5
during raid tourney every 5th battle is him lol

Wave 3 region and there’s about 5 people with him up. Got it pretty quick. Think some lower rank players ae struggling tho as the teams don’t seem to show for them.

Region 1B and every 5th or 6th bot has a 2 or 3 negan team


Serious question… do you have autism? You keep apologizing for it and I don’t understand why


Allot of players moved to lesser populated regions for easier rewards and now are complaining that they can’t get rewards because there’s not enough players in their region

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:pensive: Bad region

It’s all rng, I found 50 negans in raids

That depends on when her items will be made available after the event ends. If not long before we can get her items via collections/daily roadmap, then she’s no different from regular S-class

Who knows when they put her in cakes and that is zero benefit to a lot of ftp anyway. Wont be reward in level ups you can bet on that. You realize how long it will take at 30 a clip…

in my region, ZERO Negan