The supreme crate has a new feature

A 29% chance to lose 125 coins with literally NOTHING AT ALL to show for it.

(225 coin cost, possible 100 coin reward, net coins -125 if the 100 coin reward is pulled.)


Omg Thank you Ascopely.
100 free coins for F2P players.


better than pulling a nade


You lose money. The box costs 225 coins, so getting 100 coins back means you just lose 125 coins without gaining anything.

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I don’t see the problem, looks like a bargain to me. I just wish I had more coins so I could lose them all not gettin the pipe thingys

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Game behaves more like a casino game everyday. Pretty sure some slots I play have some features like that.


This is exactly what I’m saying, it’s a net negative. Who would buy these crates for a net negative?

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The cost to get those pipes from the Roadmap is also a joke lol.

Just have a look at the top end of Leagues tables for your potential customers - players spending thousands of coins to “win” hundreds. They’ve shown great form in illogical behaviour, so you can’t really blame Scopely (much) for capitalising on it.
Stupid as the box is, it only exists because players will buy it. “We get the world we deserve” and all that.

I meant to make a post like this.

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Why not blame both? It’s the whale’s fault for enabling scopely and scopely’s fault for being needlessly greedy.

this is real joke or slap on the face by scopley and jb.scopley

Unless the intent wasn’t to get those crates simply for the net negative?

It isn’t like coins are the main sell in those crates, the collection item is primarily the main sell(Or gear if the player fancies).

There’ve been better and worse crates, but it is comparably better crates in the past where you get a smelling salt or 4* tokens.

I don’t see why the crate can’t be viewed as doing a 40 pull. Players spend on the hopes of getting the ascendable 5* and 6*, but get mostly 4s. I’m sure many players would prefer to get 100 coins back rather than the 4 pull in place, which is how I’m viewing the crate.

I don’t understand this thread… so you would rather have a sports gauntlet instead of the coins?

Yes here take 250 coins in return I’ll get 100 back.

Seems legit to me!

Gear should never have to be bought imo

Everyone should refuse to buy gear, so scopely will give the players a GD farmable gear map that was promised long ago.

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Again, the collection items were the main attraction of that crate. I won’t judge those that bought it for the gear. (Actually I secretly will :))

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I totally said the same thing. This is complete bull. Should not offer a lesser amount of coins as a prize. Seriously desperation @JB.Scopely any comment on what exactly the point of adding half the coins you spent as a prize. Your basically saying get this crate and theres a 29% chance to do none other than lose coins not to mention that any other crate with coins is an extemly low rate. Smdh
Why wouldn’t you just offer another piece of gear. Someone buying this crate is obviously trying to gain something not just flush coins. If it was at least the same amount of coins like i have seen in the past i would say dumb but ok …those items are supposed to offer a said value for those coins. And 125 coins isnt a value of 250 coins. The other stuff is debatable. If someome really needs 1 gauntlet (wouldn’t be surprised ) it may be worth it.

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