The summer tokens

Did anyone have received something useful in this wheel ?Screenshot_20190820-212013_Walking%20Dead I only got 5 stars tokens and chihuahua plush for a character that actually i don’t care, but hey! At least i can make a 5 stars pull with this tokens, wish me luck and let me know if you have been luckier than me

I’ll let you know when I get the raid rewards but I’m 100% positive I’ll only get plush and tokens.
Out of 14k\14 tries I got dog and coins. The coins gave me enough to do 3 5* tokens pulls got this.
Not complaining, at least princess want a repeat, this was the easiest raid tourney I’ve done in a long time, came in 1st.

I’m not even going to get enough dogs for Romanov. Not that I need another but I’m just wondering how many people will walk away with nothing from this stupid event because of the stupid RNG

Got him earlier

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