The straw that broke


Bad CRW rewards - how do we go from 20k + Siddiq to a single Spenser.

Only ascendable toons are wheel toons - but we don’t have enough toons (yeah fyt)

Maggie’s release just solidifies the fact that, noone gives a flying shit about releasing existing toons, only toons that effect Q4 profit margin.

Well, guys it’s been a blast, good times, bad times, awesome events and terrible! But I can’t feed the beast anymore, and I’m sick of level ups.



@kalishane congrats on everything you hav3 works towards as a CM, I hope they pay you well to listen to our feedback and pass it up the line so they can file it under G for garbage…

Sorry you have to deal with all that, you seemed like you wanted to help, unfortunately you are as powerless as us.

Keep surviving


joining up in the quitting queue december 17 :slight_smile:


This solidifies my exit too


Enough is enough. Looking forward to all the free time I will have.



To give people a place and a person to complain to and make them feel like their voice is heard, so they won’t take it to social media. As long as the people complain here and not damage their public image elsewhere, they are happy.


Wow, did Fred Rogers really do that? Hahaha. :joy:


lol, one of my favs


He was basically singing “Where is thumbkin?” with some kids, with the middle finger being “long man.”

It’s way cooler out of context, of course.


You quit, but a forum is hardly majority, they wouldn’t care.


Poll anywhere you’d like, nobody is satisfied :frowning:. When war is not the most rewarding event all else is pointless.


Yeah I’m not spending and nearly out myself.

Factions falling apart as is the region.

Hardly any players left.