The story of the 8 Regions Remaining in Toc

Whitfield- this region had the biggest upset of the tournament by beating Bell and persevered in the next round. Will this underdog make it to the finals?

Forsyth- almost losing in the first round, this region went against all odds and completely destroyed the second round and could be a favorite to win it all.

Barrow- Getting Annihilated in the first round, they got together as a region and moved on. Not a strong performance in the second round but enough to move on and compete for that final spot.

Chambers- The only region to split up their top faction into weaker teams for more activity and that strategy is working to perfection and could be deciding factor on them taking home the trophy.

Clarke- The region with no top faction and the region no one thought would make it this far. They fought hard without a leader and did amazing the second round and looking to the same posting the second highest score between their next opponents.

Lee- The region with the strongest duo left in tournament. They were losing in the first round but bounced back and now is the favorites to win. Will these two factions carry them to the promise land?

Habersham- Was part of the best first round match up against hart and ended winning with region communication. Not a strong performance in the second round but with Victory being one of the best factions in the game, they could easily move on.

Blount- This region has not faced any challenges in the tournament so far but is the most active region remaining and was a lot of people’s picks to win it all. Next round will be their biggest test And they could either fail or succeed with ease.

Which region will win?

  • Barrow
  • Chambers
  • Whitfield
  • Forsyth
  • Clarke
  • Lee
  • Habersham
  • Blount

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You left Columbia off

He left off the entire wildcard bracket.

My version of this tournament is that the wildcard regions are already eliminated and are just there so that the 4 finalist match quicker.

Scopely’s version of toc is to make ap happy


Bruh. You need a big ol slice of humble pie. Great googley moogley.

what is your region

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Lmao I was thinking the same thing… :joy::joy:

Dudes like the Skip Bayless of RTS.


I love skip bayless! He speaks the truth and brings the facts everytime he talks.

Listen, i am a very confident person in life and in this game but I shouldn’t be disrespected everytime i say something just because how i am. When i speak, yall can disagree with me but don’t personally attack me.

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Skip Bayless has been HILARIOUSLY wrong on more than several occasions.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ll give him a bit of credit (weird). His boys are in the wildcard bracket so at least he didn’t bring them into it lol

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I tried to get rid of Dr but once a Dr fan always a Dr fan. I hope they come in second for scopely’s version.


BLOUNT :joy:

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I know it’s a long shot, but I have to back my late home region of Barrow. They may not be the strongest but far out the top factions are tight knit from what I remember.

Definitely a long shot, they can’t just war next round barrow has to come up with a strategy.

Nice analysis @Facts. Forsyth is not to be slept on

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Wao sent some of their top players to some of the other factions in barrow, at least 4-5 I think.

Ah ok I didn’t think they did because of their low region score.

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